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Friday, July 26, 2013

Whew! I Think I'm Gonna Survive Vegas!

Wow! What an exhilarating, yet exhausting week I had in Vegas! You may know I set up a booth at the 'I Teach K' conference last week. Everything went great and I couldn't have done it without my wonderful husband, Daniel and my best friend Jenny, and her husband Tim. However, we did learn a lot from the school of LIFE . . . what to DO and what NOT to do!
I know something I will definitely DO if I do a conference again~I will invest in cushy floor tiles to stand on. My feet were KILLING me after standing on that floor all day! It didn't help that we had to walk miles a day just to get back to our room!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Indiana Blogger Meet-Up was a B-L-A-S-T!

Today was so much fun! I got together with 14 amazing Indiana  bloggers! I came in a little late and as soon as I came through the door, one of the waiters just pointed to the back room. Is it that obvious that I'm a teacher????

It was so awesome to put names with faces and bloggy buttons! We talked and talked and talked for about 4 1/2 hours! We even had to ask for more water . . . our throats got dry from all the chatter! Here's a phone pic of all of us.

Heather at Teaching Through Turbulence has tons more pics than me . . . and I actually stole this one from her blog! hehehehe 

I learned about some new apps while I was there too. You have to download this app called Aurasma! It is so cool! Have you downloaded it yet? How about now? 

  • Okay, now that you have it downloaded . . .
  •  open the app
  •  then touch the little square at the bottom of the screen
  • hold your phone over my little rockin' kids at the top of my blog on your computer screen
  • You will see and hear a quick little message from me!  

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Drum Roll Please . . . and the Winner Is!

Well, we have a winner kids! The winner is Cheryl Saoud and one lucky friend! 

I wish I had more certificates. If people realized how conferences help re-energize our love for teaching, they would make SURE we could attend these conferences EVERY year. They want us to bring up the standard of teaching? Well, FEED US!

There is a book for administrators that has the best title ~ 
If You Don't Feed the Teachers, They Eat the Students.
Check it out! (Maybe a good principal gift!)

Congratulations to you Cheryl! Be sure to stop by and say hi when you are in Las Vegas!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Calling All Kinder Friends . . . You're Gonna Want to Check This Out!

How would you like to win a free pass to the 'I Teach K!' conference in Las Vegas this July? 

Oh, and it gets even better than that! You will also win a certificate to take a friend along with you! No one wants to go to Vegas alone!

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