Sunday, December 5, 2021

Let's Get Reading for the Holidays and FREEBIES!

Deck the Halls! Only 2 weeks until we are on winter break! Not sure if you have more days than that to go, but either way the countdown is ON! This week I am sharing some reading response ideas and books for the holidays! Why?! It is SO versatile for independent, partner, or whole group. Reading Response is so fun! You can do holiday themed books, let students choose, or lead with your own theme or genre. 

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge is an awesome book to use for this time of year. You are asking yourself why?! This isn't a holiday book?! No, but this book talks about memories and could spark some great conversations of winter, holiday, and tradition memories. 

You may want some read alouds or books that students can read independently or with a partnerHere are some FUN Holiday books to pair with any of the  reading response organizers below. Remember you DON'T have to read holiday books! Winter or just any books that you choose or are student choice are going to work any time. It may be fun though to change it up and have students choose which books they want to read or have them be holiday/winter related. 

Use these organizers with ANY book! Print a few and have students choose which they would like to do independently or with a partner OR print any of the reading response pages for one book or as a book with several pages. 

I am going to drop this reading log here too! Now would be a great time to introduce this for second semester and right before the holidays for students to track a goal. Make it a small one! Maybe just 1-2 books over break? Or wait until students get back! Either way students will be more prepared and ready to take this on second semester. 

Do some creative writing with your students! I just released these Bubblehead characters for the Winter Holidays and with 14 DIFFERENT ones to choose from they are so fun to get the creative juices flowing! 

FREEBIES! Check out these FREE products to help with reading and the holidays!

This fun spinner can be used for any book for some partner conversations and fun!
Use this Battle of the Books Bracket to fill in Holidays books, Read-Alouds from this year, or any books that students choose to Battle it out! Then use any of the graphic organizers from above for these books. 

Need something just for fun?! I like to give the kids a sort of 'party' and this is the perfect interactive activity. Check out my fun Escape Room! Stan the Snowman: Lost in the Snowstorm. Students find clues to help Stan find his way home!

Keep reading this holiday season! Drop me some fun titles of books you are reading with your class. 
Sunday, November 28, 2021

Holiday Help with FREEBIES and a NEW Holiday Escape!

It's almost time for the holidays! The last few weeks until winter break! What types of things do you look for to teach your students or to supplement your lessons?!

I am always looking for things that are FUN! Students don't often get a break and this time of year it's very hard for students to focus, hence the introduction of engaging holiday content. Let's look at some things I have found that will be sure to have success in your classroom. Whether you are supplementing a lesson, looking for station materials, partner work, or whole class activity, I will address ALL of those needs!

I love activities that are centered around independent or partner work. I can ALWAYS change it to a whole group lesson if needed, but I would rather students be able to work on their own, in pairs, or small groups while I am conferencing and meeting with students one-on-one during work time. 

Math Mysteries are ALWAYS easy and fun! 
Check out all of the Holiday Math Mysteries HERE

These are Digital Narrated versions. What I love about these is that they use reading comprehension at the same time that students are using their problem-solving skills. There are paper/pencil versions available as well. 
(P.S. AND they are full of  holiday FUN!)

Escape Rooms are the next must-have for FUN and independent learning OR you choose how you use them! I have a NEW Escape Room below that is Stan the Snowman: Lost in the Snowstorm! This is a great 'Just for Fun' activity for that last day right before winter break. I am going to use it as part of the party!

Students also love the Holidays Around the World Escape Room. Students love to learn about the different counties and their traditions, while also solving the clues. Another great comprehension piece to enhance a unit study on traditions or a stand-alone lesson of learning. 

Check out this preview of the Holidays Around the World Escape Room Below!

During that last week before break, I am always looking for activities to keep students engaged. I like to do stations that students rotate through. Here are some station ideas for you!

Station #1: Inference Skills Made Easy! (FREE!)

Station #2: Snow Day Synonyms This is a word sort with synonyms. I like to put them in a pocket chart on the wall. There is a worksheet included for a check-up after completing the word sort.

Station #3: Creative Writing Station (Write a persuasive letter for a gift to receive, a persuasive piece getting an extra day off of school, descriptive writing of a gift they received, a thank-you letter to someone, winter haikus, or other poetry)

Station #4: ABC Order to the 3rd letter This is another word sort for students to manipulate the word cards and put them in order.

*These digital math mysteries are FREE and for grades 1-4. Just click on the link or picture for other grade levels. 
*Don't like digital?! Check out the paper version or the Reindeer Mystery above!

I hope these holiday ideas will help make it easier for you in the last few weeks before winter break! Let the countdown begin!

Friday, November 19, 2021

Black Friday DEALS and Holiday Ideas!

It's time! 
Thanksgiving is imminent only 6 days away, 
so that means Winter Break is around the corner.
 I am highlighting some DEALS for Black Friday for the holidays, 
as well as some FREE holiday finds. 

Let's count down 6 DEALS and FREEBIES until Thanksgiving!

Here are 6 you won't want to miss! 

Here are 6 FREEBIES you won't want to miss for the holidays!

Enjoy the holidays and grab some family time! 

Friday, November 12, 2021

Literacy Station Ideas and FREEBIES!

Only 2.5 weeks until Thanksgiving! How is that possible?! I wanted to focus this week on changing up those Literacy Stations or Word Work. I know I need to freshen up things, especially during the holidays to keep kids engaged while I am conferencing with students. I NEED students to be able to do activities independently or work with a partner without a million questions.

 I have pulled together some EASY and ENGAGING ideas that can be done now to work into your stations as an independent, partner, or whole group activity. 

I find that these activities are engaging for students because they do have to think a little harder. It's easier for them because it's the alphabet and chances are you have an alphabet strip on their desk or around the room as an already built-in tool to help them!

Use the ABC to the 2nd letter as a motivational tool that if they get done they can level up and do the Holiday ABC Order to the 3rd letter! Or have students make a list of holiday words (keep it small to around 10) and then put them in order or have the class collaborate on a list for that week leading up to the holidays! An easy change up and it gets the students involved. 

Alliteration Spinners
Kids LOVE these spinners! You can add a few books for them to look at when they get finished or use them as a whole class read-aloud prior to this station if you haven't taught it at all. 
See below for some suggestions.


I have used alliterations to make a whole class book. Each student does their own sentence and then illustrates it. I then bind using the comb binder at school or you can easily put them in a cheap 3 ring binder (use a protective sleeve if you want them to last longer). 

See a preview of them below!

Want something NEW?!

The kids love creating these and they can easily be used as a writing activity once complete. 
They can use their Food Character as inspiration for writing! 

Check out this video to see more!

Check out these other FREEBIE ideas!

I love the Thanksgiving Word Bump because you can use with any grade level!


Have fun doing a REFRESH on your Work Stations or store ideas for LATER!
I would love to see what you come up with. 

Friday, November 5, 2021

Giving Thanks and Freebies!

Halloween is over.... so that means Thanksgiving is right around the corner! There is so much to be thankful for this year! I am thankful that students are still able to learn and have fun and for all the wonderful educators who inspire me daily. 

Thanks to all of you for following me! Have you signed up for my Newsletter yet? 
I am dropping lots of new and discounted items each week that are exclusive to my Newsletter, so make sure you're subscribed.  

Let's give Thanks! Are you ready?!
Have your students done my math mysteries yet? If you have been following my blog, website, or TPT I have a Halloween  Mystery and a FREE Fall Mystery, but your students may be ready for the Case of the Tippy Toe Turkeys! Students love these and the best part is that it is DIGITAL and NARRATED! I have these digitally for grades 1-4 below! 


                                  Grade 3 Math Mystery                   Grade 4 Math Mystery


Of course, you can still get the paper versions for these math mysteries as well as BOOM Cards. 

I love giving my students a little something fun during the holiday months. These mini-notes are perfect to remind students that they are loved and you're thankful for them!  
Check out these Thanksgiving Mini-Notes for FREE!

Not my idea, BUT I found this FREE Mini Journal for Kids to do! This would make a fun easy activity for the morning, indoor recess, partner sharing/fun writing time, or a fun writing station. I know sometimes I need something for the SHORT week!

Hope you and your little turkeys give lots of thanks this month! So grateful for all of you!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Let's Word Work It ~Digital AND Paper/Pencil!

Phew! I feel like I am running in circles with all that I need to do. We have a new Word Work curriculum this year and there are A LOT of pieces. I wanted to share some easy Word Work that you and your students can do ANY TIME! The thing I love is being able to grab and go- whether it's for a station that week, a plan for a sub, or a small group. 

Let's get Digital! School has been tough with distance learning and everything seems like it's done on the computer. Make it EASY with this Digital Word Work Activity OR Word Ladders.
 * Word Ladders have a print AND digital version included. 

These Phonics Spinners are great and EASY for K-2!

Short Vowel Word Work Stations! You use paint sticks you can get from any hardware store (usually FREE if you ask) and attach velcro tabs. I try and get an eager parent to help laminate and/or cut these out for me. If your students like this one I also have Beginning Sounds, Digraphs, and Blends S, L, & R. 

Check out the FREE Preview of
 Digital Word Work & Word Families AND Word Ladders that are featured above!


Let's Word Work it~make it easy and fun for students! 
Friday, October 22, 2021

Get Into Character Traits and Introducing the NEW Bubbleheads!

Have you started reading novels yet this year? Independent Reading? I am sure you have at this point in the year so I am putting up a list of books to help teach character traits, as well as my FREE writing Character Trait Prompts! I am also SUPER excited to debut my new Bubbleheads to get students engaged and excited about characters in their books! I would love to hear what books you would like to use these with, so leave a comment below or email me at

Here are some picture books I love that pair well with teaching character traits. These are a great introduction and would pair well with the Character Trait Dictionary below! Kids LOVE picture books at any age and it's a great way to teach skills to the whole class. 

My NEW Bubbleheads! Students write character traits and design their own head to go with the character in the story. And, the great thing is, this activity can be used with any Henry and Mudge book! Sweet! I am working on other books and characters so stay tuned! They come with a mini dictionary of character traits and pages to write supporting text.  
See a preview below!

Preview of the NEW Bubbleheads!

(Can also go with Escape Room HERE or watch a preview below)

Here is a Character Trait Dictionary to explore!

Check out this FREE  Character Traits Organizer to use with ANY Book! 
Let me know your favorite book for teaching character traits! Want to see more Bubbleheads?! Leave a comment below and tell me what character or book you want to see more of!
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