Friday, September 17, 2021

You'll Want to Check Out these Parts of Speech!

Can you believe it's time for all this fall weather? I am a little sad to see summer go by, BUT I love the fall weather before it flips a switch and gets too cold. I am not a fan of the COLD! 

I wanted to share my Parts of Speech Escape Rooms if you haven't seen them yet. I keep adding more and when I am done I will have ALL the Parts of Speech to Escape! 

Check out the bundle of all of the Escape Rooms seen below! You save by getting them in the bundle. Keep on the lookout for more Parts of Speech Escape Rooms COMING SOON!

Check out this Noun Check-up I made for FREE!

Love your Parts of Speech! Happy Friday and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Friday, September 10, 2021

It's Time for Fall Fun

It's after September 1st and even though that's not the "official" date of fall, I count it as the start. It is time to break out the pumpkins, apples, and cozy blankets! We celebrate fall at our school, but I do love that holiday at the end of October too. Get ready for fall!

Here are some of my Fall Mini Math Mysteries! These are perfect for stations, independent work at home or at school, or just a fun break. The BEST part is that the Fall Mysteries are FREE

I have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade with Narration! Check them out!
*I do have a non-narration version available too on TPT. 

Check out this Halloween Math Mystery too! I also have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
They are bundled with both digital and print versions. 

For those young kiddos I have a fun Fall Journal!

How are you celebrating fall? Cozy up and solve a mystery!
Friday, September 3, 2021

Motivation with Minecraft!

Picture this.... it's writing workshop time and you have at least 5-10 students staring off into space because they don't know what to write about. Sound familiar? Sound like yesterday?!

I love putting Minecraft into my writing station! I get those reluctant writers excited to create their own scene by giving them CHOICE! They choose items to put into their scene and then write about it. The kids LOVE this Crafty Minds Writing so much. 

 There is also an e-learning or digital option that I have bundled with the above activity. There are so many options that you might want to give the digital a try!
Check out the Minecraft Bundle

If you are looking for more Minecraft fun check out the  Minecraft Digital Escape Room! If you haven't done any of my escape rooms yet, give this one a try. The kids love solving the fun puzzles, collecting clues, and of course learning while doing it. 

I would love to see some examples from your little Minecraft Makers!

Friday, August 27, 2021

Freebie FRI-YAY!

Wow! It's been two weeks since school started for me and time is flying by. I know I need a break so wanted to give you a break by making a post of some of my favorite Freebies!

First I want to tell you there are more things here on Pinterest or TPT than there is on this blog. Here is my Pinterest Link (also at the top of this Blog Page) and also my TPT Store to check out some of my stuff.  Scroll down to get to FREEBIES!

Ok now let's get to the Freebies! 

NEW Writing Prompts! Did you miss these?! Back to School Character Trait Prompts! 
Check out the Escape Room I made for Character Traits too!

This one also has an Escape Room! Check it out HERE!

Let me know which one of these you are enjoying! Don't forget to sign-up to receive my newsletter- there's a FREEBIE if you do! A pop up on this blog should lead you there!

Happy Freebie FRI-YAY!!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Teaching Genres with FREE Writing Prompts!

It's been about a week since school has been back! I am hanging in there. Not gonna lie; I always forget all of the things that need to be taught and retaught in those first 20 days of school. There are so many little details that need tweaking! One thing I always add is a review or teaching about the different genres. 

Our librarian does an awesome job of helping the students choose books so I try and work with what she is teaching and mimic that in my room. I like to add in this Genre Escape Room as a center (either independent or partner), have students do at home, or we can work on together in class.  
It's a great review for genres. 

I have JUST added these new FREE writing prompts  to my TPT store to pair with the Genre Escape Room or just a little writing all on their own! 

Genre Posters to post around the room for easy student reference! 

Want all THREE?! Pick up the bundle here

Genres are a fun and easy way to teach reading at the start of the year! Let me know what you choose to enhance your genre teaching. :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Back to School and Time to THINK!

Well it happened. The first day of school came and went as quickly as summer break seemed to go. Not sure how quickly the rest of this year will go?! After the day was done I already noticed it was time to see if I had a stack of Think Sheets ready to go. 😏 Think Sheets have really helped my kiddos reflect and redirect their behavior in a BIG way.  

The sheets are SUPER simple for kids to fill out, even those kindergarteners. There are different versions for older kids too to reflect and take home if needed. 

I also like to hang up our Class Rules posters and then make a class book during the first few weeks of school! You may already have your own posters and rules which is awesome. There are editable pages so you can modify them to fit your needs. The Think Sheets and our Class Rules book really build community at the beginning of the year. Check it out!

Here is an example of one of the Class Rules Book pages! 

Hope you have a great start to the school year! Here's a FREE sample of some of my Swag Tags to also help get those students started off right with some motivational SWAG. 


Can't wait to see what you "THINK" about it! 

Friday, August 6, 2021

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Right before school starts each year, students, teachers, and parents gather together at our school for an Ice Cream Social. It’s a chance for everyone to see classrooms, meet teachers, and stuff faces with sugar. I love getting to meet my new students and honestly one of the only times I see some of their parents’ faces all year!

I love giving my students something on this day for the night before school or just to show I am excited to meet them. Do I have a budget for this? No, of course not! I need to get creative for what is going to be cheap for 25-30 kids and be exciting. NOT an easy task. I have found that kids love things that are not a school supply. I guess teachers are the only ones that love getting some new pencils or pens! 

I try to stay away from candy just because of allergies, BUT if you didn’t know Dum Dum suckers are gluten free, nut free,  AND they come in a pack of more than 24 which is always a win. If you are going to do a gift, start NOW to prep these and have them ready so you are not stressed when the time comes. 

Here’s some back to school gift ideas that won’t break your budget!

Bubbles with tag

Mazes with tag (Amazon a pack of 36 for $12!)

Glow Sticks with tag
(Dollar Store find and they come in packs of 4 so this makes a cheap gift!)

Glasses with tag (Amazon 36 for $13)

Use Dum Dum Suckers with FREE tag
(Usually purchased at any grocery store!)

If you are feeling fancy you can wrap your gifts or put them in bags.

Here is a FREE tag I found to edit!

No gift, no problem! Kids will just enjoy getting to meet you and see their new home for the next year. Check out this FREE night before school poem I made!

Would love to see your back to school ideas!

Monday, August 2, 2021

It's Time to Escape!

Have you ever done an Escape Room? You look for clues around a room and try to figure out how they fit together to solve a puzzle. I LOVE finding the clues to solve the puzzle. I have started making Escape Rooms online and they are very similar to a real Escape Room, but include reading, video clips, and games! With all that's included, it's more of an Interactive Learning Experience!

What is in an Escape Room?

In each Escape Room there are 4-5 tasks to learn about a topic. Each task has: 
  • Read About It : A short reading passage 
  • Watch the Video: A short clip on the topic
  • Your Clue: A fun game to play to figure out the clue!
  • Just for Fun: A fun extra activity to play learning about the topic

How do I use an Escape Room in my classroom?
  • Put students in groups to work through the 'Read About It' and 'Watch the Video' sections. Then, let each student try to solve the puzzle and come back together to decide what the lock code is. 
  • Students work on one task each day and then complete it independently in class or at home. 
  • Introduce the task by having students reading together, then completing the rest of the task at home or on their own independently. 
  • Introduces the task and watch the video clip as a class, students then complete the rest of the task independently or with partners. 
There are SO many ways to use the Escape Rooms! 
Check out my NEW Escape Room for the Oregon Trail

Get those kids writing with these writing prompts to go along with the digital escape!

Maybe you aren't ready for Oregon Trail so in the meantime check out my Back to School Escape Room!

Have an idea for an Escape Room? Let me know! I LOVE making these and the kids have so much fun learning while reading, watching videos, playing games, and finding the clues to ESCAPE!

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