Friday, November 8, 2019

Making New Words with Word Families

Kids love to make new words, especially in a hands-on way. Making new words with word families is a very important skill and one that is extremely satisfying to the little learner. After introducing word families, I love using this hands-on, simple activity in my classroom because it can be used so many different ways. Fun ways to use this activity are:
make new words with word families with rubber stampsmake new words with word families with dry erase markersmake new words with word families with magnets
  • enlarge the pages, place the page on a cookie sheet, and then give the kids magnets.
  • give the kids rubber stamps with letters on them.
  • place the pages into plastic page protectors and have the kids write the letters with dry erase markers.
You can't believe all the words they come up with. Sometimes, they make words that aren't really words or aren't spelled correctly. Then, that will give you a chance to teach about some of the crazy rules we have in the English language.
After using all the word families with my kids, they were well on their way to becoming word masters.

If you would like to try out one of these pages to let your kids make new words with word families, just click here.

Then, if you like, you can buy the:
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rocket Math Practice PowerPoint for Math Facts

Hello out there! I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break and is gearing up for a great end of the year. I know some of you have read about how I use Rocket Math in my classroom, but I wanted to show you the newest addition to the mix. I made a PowerPoint that takes the kids through the routine of practicing and taking the timed test with little effort on your part. Check out this video to see how it works.

If you aren't sure about what I'm talking about, just check out my previous posts about Rocket Math here and here. It's quick and easy to use and it's fun for the kids! They get up and moving for a short time and you have fact practice done in about 5 minutes!

If you would like to purchase the PowerPoint to use in your classroom, just click the pic!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Noun Check-Up - Worksheets to Review Nouns

noun reviewNouns, nouns, and more nouns...It always seems like I need to review nouns with my class!  Not the most exciting thing to teach, but necessary...Especially the capitalization of proper nouns. I like to use this spin-a-noun game for a fun way to practice common and proper nouns.
After doing the usual activities to teach nouns, I needed some sort of assessment or check-up if you will.
Included in the pack are worksheets for identifying nouns, common and proper nouns, and plural nouns.
noun worksheets
identify nounsThe answer sheets are included as well.

Scoop up this packet for review worksheets to use with your kiddos!
noun revies

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

When to Capitalize Nouns - A Fun, Free Game to Practice!

Common and proper nouns are one of the skills that can make teachers stress because it seems like kids never use capital letters! Or, they use them all the time! This can be a tricky skill and hard to remember for learners. This 'Spin-a-Noun' game makes writing nouns correctly, fun!
All you need to do is:
  1. print the spinner you want to use with your class.
  2. laminate the spinner
  3. give the kids a paper clip
  4. give the kids a recording sheet
  5. have the kids use their pencil to make a spinner
Student Noun Play
Once the kids are set up with their gear, they are ready to go hunting for common and proper nouns. First, they need to spin the spinner to find out what kind of noun they need to write. Next, they need to determine whether they need to write a person, a place, or a thing. Next, they need to determine if they need to write a common or proper noun. Oh! and remember to write a capital letter if it is a proper noun! Finally, they find a letter that doesn't have a word written next to it and write the word. Simple and so much fun!
There are two different versions of the spinner that you can choose from. One has a Halloween theme (hence the name of the product), and one is more general and also adds in Canada Day for our Canadian friends up north. Take a look!

Well, what are you waiting for?! Head on over and pick up your free common and proper noun game!

common and proper nouns

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Halloween Math Mysteries - Engaging and Educational

Math Mysteries are such a fun way for kids to practice math standards in a 'story problem' type
format. The mysteries are set up in a 'choose your own adventure' type of theme.

There are a couple of different ways I've used math mysteries in my room.

  1. I print out a copy or two in color and put the pages in plastic page protectors and put them in a 3-ring binder. Then, the kids can use a dry erase marker to work out the problems.
  2. I print out the sheets that have 4 pages to a sheet and make individual booklets for each child.
  3. Finally, I printed the books in color and spiral bound them so I would have enough for 1/2 the class. Then, I had the kids buddy up to solve the mystery.
There are several grade levels of math mysteries. When I have kids working on different levels, I print out different grade booklets, but put the same cover on the front for all of them. The stories are the same but the problems are based on the grade level standards.

Make math on Halloween fun, engaging, and educational! Can't ask for more than that, right?!

If you would like to see how math mysteries work, check out this video!
Sunday, October 7, 2018

Spelling Lists for 3rd Graders

People have asked me for years if I was going to ever make a Spelling Lists That Make Sense for 3rd grade and I finally did it! I used the same basic layout as my 1st and 2nd grade lists, but I didn't make it as cutesy. I figured since 3rd graders are bigger kids, they might not need all the cutesy-ness!

On the student version of the list, there are 5 words that follow the particular spelling skill for that week. There are also 5 high frequency words. On the teacher list, there are 5 additional words that follow the spelling skill and 5 more high frequency words. There is also a dictation sentence that you can use when giving the test (or make up your own!) There is also a spelling test paper you can use when you give your test.

If you are someone who has asked me about 3rd grade lists, sorry for taking so long. If you are new to these spelling lists, you are going to love them!

Here's what others have said about my 1st and 2nd grade lists:

  • I love that they aren't just memorizing a list, but they are learning to apply the spelling rule!
  • Wow, what an amazing resource. This made spelling much more effective.
  • I used this when I taught second and LOVED it! I'm moving to first next year and can't wait to use it there too!
  • Best TPT I've paid for all year!! Save yourself a lot of spelling headaches with this amazing product!!
  • Exactly what I was looking for. . .spelling patterns, plus building from those patterns, and high-frequency words. Plus an ever-growing list of those H-F words they should know for a lifetime.
Thanks for stopping by! I'm trying to get myself back in the saddle again!
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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Math Mysteries - How Your Kids Can Use Them to Strengthen Math Skills

I love using Math Mysteries with my kids at school. They get such a big kick out of them and they don't mind doing math to solve the mystery. To help show just what a math mystery is, my sister helped me make a little video. Check it out!

I have math mysteries for a variety of grades (2-4) and even bundles:
  • winter/Christmas/New Year's
  • Valentine's Day
  • March Madness
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Community Helpers
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
My math mysteries are based on Common Core State Standards for their respective grades.
Click here to see them in my store and get ready for a great new year!
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Monday, February 12, 2018

Immigrating to America - and a Giveaway for the Sale

    Well, we are heading for America and Ellis Island! Our classes are preparing to land soon, so I had the kids create a profile for themselves.
First, each child chose a country and then researched common names, clothing, location, etc. so they could create their likenesses. I think they did a darn good job, don't you?
     Next week, we are going to a neighboring school for a simulation of the Ellis Island experience. I'm not sure who's more excited, me or the kids! I think they are pretty nervous because we have been talking about all the things immigrants had to go through to get into America.

    The thought of being detained is a little daunting, but I think it's a good experience for our little millennials. (Is that what they are, or is there a new generation name for them?)
     I'll let you know how the simulation goes. I don't want to give out too much information-just in case one of my kiddos read my blog. HA!

On another note, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a SALE this Wednesday, February 14 and Thursday, February 15. AND, guess who has a gift card to give away? Yep, that's right, I DO!

Be sure to head over to TpT to start piling goodies in your shopping cart!

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