Friday, September 9, 2011

Give Me 5! - Guided Reading Retelling Poster FREEBIE!

 When I work with children during guided reading groups, I like to use the '5 Finger Retell.'  Every time I was ready to use it, though, I would draw a hand on a white board to remind the kids of the different categories that they needed to cover when retelling a story. 
 So, I decided I should just make a poster...but I ended up making 2...because I thought that the hand looked a little weird! I figured that I should have a right and left hand! :)

These posters are great resources to used during your guided reading groups. The posters serve as a visual reminder of how to retell the events of a story.

1. Thumb - The characters in this story are. . .

2. Pointer - The setting of this story takes place. . .
3. Middle -  The problem was. . .
4. Ring -     The events that happen in this story are-(In the beginning. . .Then. . .Finally. . .)                     
                    Beginning (B) Middle (M) End (E)
5. Pinkie -   At the end of the story. . . (How the problem was solved.)

Click here for your FREE posters!

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