Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sooooo...Today, when I picked my kids up from P.E., I told them that they needed to get their coats on because it was cold outside....and that it was  SNOWING! Well, you would have thought I told them that they got to go shopping at Toys 'R Us and could have anything...and everything that they wanted! They hooped and hollered like crazy! I didn't think I was going to get them on the buses! 

As I was herding the last little one toward his bus, he turned around and yelled "Thanks Mrs. Lewis!"  

Through all the hustle and bustle you go through in a day of teaching 2nd graders...Times like these make it all worthwhile!

 I love having a job where children think I'm pretty and that I'm the best teacher in the world...where kids clap after I read a book to them...and where a thankful child thanks me for the snow!

Smile and enjoy your kids tomorrow...And remind them of the blessings they enjoy because of the sacrifices of brave men and women in our armed forces. I will start by thanking my husband and oldest son...

Thank you Daniel and Jordan! 
I love you both so much!
Happy Veteran's Day to all of our veterans!



  1. What a great post. All of those little things make my day as well, especially those thank yous and claps. I just love our job!

  2. Great post! I can so relate... my kids always tell me I'm pretty and give me applause!

    I'll put up with the other stuff, since the kids make it all worth it!

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

  3. It's the best job ever! Even a crazy day like today makes me smile!

    Hilary :)


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