Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Whisper Phones and Thanks!

I'm sure lots of you know about whisper phones...I first saw these in a teacher supply catalog and REALLY wanted some. But, they were REALLY expensive and I sure didn't want to shell out the moolah! 

Another teacher in my school had these really cool PVC pipe thingys...I had to have them! I have 2 sets. One set is a single U shaped PVC pipe. I can't find those pipes anymore, so I just bought 2 pieces that fit together. I don't exactly remember the price I paid for these, but I think they came out to about $3 per whisper phone.

So, when I am listening to a student read, the other kids in my group are reading their books with their whisper phones! Keeps the noise down and helps the kids hear themselves read...very clearly!

Thanks to all of you who came over to TpT yesterday for the 1st annual Cyber Monday Sale! It was a huge success! I hope you were able to get lots of goodies to use with your kiddos! I know I got a TON of stuff! I tried not to spend all of my profit!

You guys ROCK!



  1. Home Depot in my town has the one-pieced pieces of PVC pipe for about $2.50. :) I have five and need more!! My students love these!


    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

  2. I also use these in my children's choir to help children hear if they are on pitch, using their high voices, etc.


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