Sunday, December 4, 2011

How I Set Up Our Math Mysteries for Math Stations

Hi everyone! I went to school today and snapped a pic of the binder that I put my Math Mystery in. I just slid the cover into the clear pocket on the front of a 3-ring binder. The green dot on the front is the code I use so the kids will know which shelf that it goes on...they choose from a different shelf each day of guided math stations. I only do the stations 3 days a week. Check out this post to see how I organize my math games and word problems.

I then put each of the pages into a heavy duty page protector. I tried to put them back to back, but that didn't really work since the kids would be able to see pages that they weren't supposed to see. Here's how the inside of the book looks. 

The kids can then use dry erase markers to complete the math problems. You could also just let them solve the problems on scrap paper or on a white board. Hope your kiddos like it! 

Thanks so much to all of you that have purchased my booklet! They were fun to make. I'm starting in on a January book soon!




  1. The Math Mysteries are so amazing! Please make more! I am gong to use them next week!

  2. My students absolutely love these mysteries! It has even carried over into their selections of library books. Thank you for the time and hard work. Well worth it!!!


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