Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine Villains Now for 3rd and 4th Grade!

I finally sat down and finished the third and fourth grade Case of the Valentine Villains for my Math Mysteries! It's been crazy around here, so this isn't going to be a terribly long post . . . even though I have some things to tell you! Oh, and I think it is funny . . . My posts seem to be written on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday . . . then NOTHING! AND this week . . . nothing on Saturday either!  I know...I can blame it on the Super Bowl! You do know that it is being held in Indianapolis?! So exciting . . . Next Saturday we are taking a bus downtown to go and join in on all the fun! I would like to say that I will be at the game . . . but we all know I would be lying!  LOL

Be sure to click the pics to get your copies of the new Math Mysteries . . . oh, and in case you didn't know . . . I have them 20% off of everything in my store today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday). 

Oh, and I have a surprise for you tomorrow! I made another FREEBIE today . . . I needed a math game for my guided math stations . . . so you are going to get it too! It's even Valentine-y and cute and stuff! I would have given it to you tonight but I left my flash drive at school - Oops . . . I slipped and now you know that I was working at school today . . . I know . . . lame, huh?!

Until tomorrow friends!



  1. very cute!! I wish my kiddos could do these! Perhaps I could adapt them a bit for sped, as a group project or something... hmm!

  2. Hi Ms. Rachel! I do these with my whole class or with my guided reading groups once in awhile. A friend of mine sends them home as homework, so the parents help them with reading. I also have these math mysteries for 1st and 2nd grade as well. I cut down the words for the 1st grade version.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. Yay!! I'm so excited! I love your math mysteries, they are great!! I am going to TpT to pick up the third grade one. My kids enjoy them so much! Thanks for all your hard work in creating these! Can't wait to do this one...of course I have to test it out for the kids, lol! I must say I really enjoy them! :)

  4. :) LOL Thanks Stacey! I think they're fun too!


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