Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rockin' Letters Clip Art

Well, I finally did it! I made a set of {letters} like the ones that I use for my name in my products. I've had several emails and people ask me about where I got the letters. 

The {letters} in my name are the direct result of a very long doctor's appointment that I went to with my dad. I love to doodle, so that is how I spent my time! 

If you would like some {fun letters} to use in your teaching products, then come on over and get your very own! All I ask is that you give me credit and link back to my blog.

This isn't a font but clip art . . .I don't think you would want to use these letters on a whole worksheet or anything! I am planning another batch soon . . . if you have an idea, let me know and I will see what I can do! 



  1. I have given you an award! Please go to my blog & read the post "My First Blog Award" to see how to claim it. Excellent blog!

  2. Hello Hilary! If you don't mind me asking, how do you change your doodles into clipart? What program do you use? These look fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)


    1. Hi Kylie,
      I just doodle on my iPad, email the pics to myself, save them to my computer and then drop them into Publisher. I make the background transparent and then save it again as a picture. Hope this helps you out!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Thanks Hilary, you're fabulous :) thanks for sharing!
      Kylie :)

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  4. awesome your newest follower drop by love to participate at your next giveaway =)
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