Saturday, September 15, 2012

Helpful Hints from Hilary

I'm not sure if you remember the old newspaper editorial, 'Hints from Heloise' - I'm sure you youngsters don't, but it was pretty helpful

I have lots of little things that I wanted to share with you, but none of them seemed to be worthy of an entire blog post. I thought I would share some of the little things I do in my class to help keep me sane organized.

One of my favorite items is my Band-Aid box . . . nothing fancy (obviously), but seriously a huge time saver for me AND the nurse. Plus, it keeps my kids in the room and not in the nurse's office. I just buy Band-Aids at the Dollar Tree, Big Lots, or just on sale. You can usually get a box for a buck!  Whenever the kids need one, they get one! No need to explain the boo-boos, just get a Band-Aid!

 Another  helpful hint came about after I had seen some of the cute ways people organize their kids' writing. I had this pencil already in my room. I put names on small clips and hung them below the pencil. When the kids have finished revising and editing, they move their clip so they can meet with me.

After I have met with the child, I put the clothespin in this little box. I don't put the clips back up until I've met with everyone in the class. This helps me keep on those munchkins who always seem to slip by without publishing their wonderful writing works!

 Another thing I like to do is keep a blank piece of paper on my Daily 5 bulletin board. I write my 'sloppy copy' anchor charts with my kids, then put up my laminated, nice copy over the blank pieces of paper. I don't have to worry about spacing things out!

Well, I hope these helpful hints are . . . helpful! 

Have a super school year!!



  1. I love your band-aid box idea! I will definitely be using that in my class. Thanks for the helpful idea :)

    Ms. M

  2. Great tips!! Your newest follower. Come check us out sometime. Stephanie


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