Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cut and Paste~What's Paste?

 I love 'cut and paste' . . . that's what I like to call it, because when I first did this with my kinders back in the 'good ole days', we actually used paste! I know most of you are asking, "What is paste?" Well, my answer is this ~ It's glue stick in a jar! 

Anyway, back to my topic . . . Why do I love 'cut and paste'? Well, for one thing, just look at this awesome class! These paper kids are just as unique as the actual kids that sit in my own classroom! I love how they all look different and how they take on the personality of their makers. 

When I first introduce cut and paste, I tell the kids that they may not use any pencils until they are finished. At first my sweeties are in a panic, so I have to talk fast. 

After choosing their skin color, I teach them to 'cut off the corners, cut off the corners' and I sing it as I cut. Suddenly, that rectangle paper starts to make a head shape. We use 'cut off the corners' from our scraps to make a nose and ears. We get white squares and 'cut off the corners' to make eyes. We choose eye color squares and mouth colored rectangles and 'cut off the corners' to make the centers of our eyes and mouths.

I then give a few pointers on how to create different types of hair by . . . you guessed it . . . 'cutting off the corners'

Of course, I also encourage my nuggets to add details to help really show their fantabulous  personalities! I've got a challenge for you~teach your kiddos to 'cut off the corners' and see what you get. You are gonna LOVE it! 

If you do 'cut and paste,' will you please share your pics with me? I really want to see your creations! 

Just shoot me an email at rockinteachermaterials@gmail.com



  1. These would be perfect to use in a Common Craft like video. I use to do a version of Common Craft videos with my students; it was always one of my favorite projects.


    1. That's pretty neat...maybe a bit violent! Thanks Chris!

  2. Cut and paste...I love it! I like the idea of telling them they can't use pencil. I actually do know what paste is...lol...used it when I was a kid but I haven't used it in my classroom! Thanks for the memories!
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    1. Thanks Gina! Hope you weren't one of the paste eaters! LOL

  3. Ah, paste ... what memories. I always liked the smell.

    I've done a few cutting projects with my kids that prohibit the use of pencils. You're right--they freak out. I'll usually catch one or two sneaking a pencil. They just don't have the confidence to proceed with scissors. But I eventually win them over.

    I love this. I'm trying to imagine how to turn it into a Christmas-themed bulletin board--it's just so adorable.


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