Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Big Time Brain Breaks Needed During Late Math

Well, today was the first day back at school after winter break. It was so great to see my little nuggets and they did an awesome job! However, today during math, we all hit a wall . . . Big Time! So, what do you think we did? A BRAIN BREAK of course! Today was the {Sid Shuffle}. Check out the great dancers we have in math! 

LOL What do you think? Awesome, right?! Now we are working on settling right down and getting right back to work. It took us about a minute and a half today. We did just back from vacation, but we are going to try for 30 seconds tomorrow! 

Have you tried brain breaks with your kids yet? You need to do it! I'm telling you, it will help you out too. When I'm not filming I'm jumping around with the kids too!

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  1. I actually do the Sid Shuffle with my 5th graders and they love it! They love brain breaks and so do I. They also love the muppet shorts that they have on the disney web site...it gets them laughing!

  2. I need to check out the muppets! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I LOVE the Sid Shuffle! I actually just showed it to my kids yesterday during our Smile Moment & we did a quick try of the moves. We are going to practice and use it for our brain breaks :)

    Primary Teacherhood

  4. I love brain breaks. I used to take a morning recess, but it was taking up too much time in the morning. I switched to brain breaks and my students actually prefer a 2-3 minute brain break over a 15 minute recess. Who would have thought!?

    Darling Little Learners


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