Sunday, February 10, 2013

Applying Spelling and Great Practice Activities

I love that my kids have become such great spellers. I honestly think that the way our {spelling tests} are set up helps with that. They practice a word family of the week with 5 words that follow that pattern. They also have 5 sight words that they are responsible for. The tricky part comes in where they must write 5 other words that follow the spelling pattern, and write 5 sight words that have been on previous lists. 

One of the ways my kids practice their words is on {Vocabulary Spelling City}. There is a free version that can be used, but with the premium version, you can set up your class for activities and see how they are doing with the reports that are available. There is now an app for the activities as well. Many of my students have access to an iPod Touch or iPad to complete their assignments. Here's a peek at what is available with the Premium version.

If you would like to check it out for yourself, just click on over! Makes practicing for spelling tests fun

Oh, and by the way . . . You need to check out this blog! She featured my tooth story and wrote such a nice . . . and funny post about it! Check it out!


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