Monday, March 11, 2013

Compound Words are Complete . . . Finally!

We are coming up on compound words on our spelling words and I have wanted to pull a fun activity together for my kiddos.

Well, I finally got it finished. I have been searching for clip art to help me with this project forever! At least it seems like forever. 

I think I am going to put Velcro on the rainbows and clouds so the kids can match two words to make the compound word. 

I also thought I might put the clouds in a pile and play a type of 'go fish' with them. The kids divide up the rainbows then take turns choosing a cloud. If the card chosen is one of the words to make their compound word, they keep it. The one who has the most completed rainbows wins!

I am so thankful for the many talented clip artists that have made my life so much easier! You have to check some of these awesome artists out . . . You can find all of their links in this {preview pack}. 

You will also get a free worksheet too!
If you would like to get the whole pack, head on over to scoop up my {compound word sorts pack}!

Thanks so much friends!



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