Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Organizing Book Clubs with Clipboards

I have my kids doing book clubs this week and I thought I'd show you how I keep the kids organized. 

I went to the Dollar Tree a few years ago to get some clipboards to use in my class. Of course, I couldn't just use plain brown clipboards. I used some of the millions of scrapbook stickers I have left over from one of my summer projects, and decorated the backs of the clipboards. Then I painted over them with Modge Podge. I digress . . . My kids choose one of the boards and put their book club forms and books on them.

The clipboards also have a ring of 'THICK' questions on them. This allows the kids to quickly refer to them when asking questions during their meetings.

If you are using book clubs in your room, this might be the answer to some of organizational nightmares you might be having! If you aren't running book clubs yet, check them out. This {packet} can get you up and running in no time!    

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  1. Great idea! Tanks for sharing. :)
    ~following via Google Friend Connect
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Hello Hilary,

    I really do love your sight, and I love what you are doing for literacy in your classroom. I am curious though about the product you are selling on tpt. I use some of those same forms in my classroom. The forms were created by Beth Newingham and she allows teachers to download these forms for free i.e. thin vs. thick questions, meeting conference forms, etc. I just don't think teachers should be selling her ideas. Thoughts?

    1. Hi there,
      I do know of Beth Newingham and her awesomeness. This is what is included in the packet I have for book clubs:

      'This idea was inspired by Beth Newingham and her wonderful ideas for buddy reading. I use the posters and prompt cards for Thick and Thin Questions that she created. I ran the ’Asking Thick Questions’ prompt cards on tag, laminated, and put them on a ring so each child has the questions during their book club time.
      Beth’s stuff is awesome, but I needed something a little more basic for the book clubs that I wanted to run in my 2nd grade classroom. I modified some of the forms that she made for buddy reading to help my students work more systematically through the process of running a successful book club. I also created a rule book to help get the kids off on the right foot. This book can be folded and cut into a nifty little booklet, or the pages can be cut apart and put on a ring. There are directions on the next page on how to fold and cut the booklet.'

      Additionally, I added a self-evaluation form for the students, and a grading rubric for the teacher, to the pack. I hope this explains and answers any questions you may have.


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