Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paint Stick Word Work Stations-FUN!

NOTE: If you already bought this pack from me, please go back to your purchases and re-download the pack so you will get everything!

I LOVE these paint sticks (aka paint stirrers/paint paddles) that I saw on Pinterest and that Ronda from the {Hands On Bible Teacher} blog created. As I was reading her blog, I noticed that she had gotten her idea from Pinterest as well. Don't you just LOVE Pinterest?

From this awesome idea, I decided to create some word work activities using these awesome . . . and inexpensive . . . or free, paint sticks! 

All of the places I've visited have given them to me for free. The sticks range from 6 to 21 inches long.
The cool thing with the different lengths is that you can differentiate the level for your kiddos. I thought that I might put kids' names on them for easy differentiation. Oh, and don't forget that this skill will help fulfill the Common Core Standard K.RFS.2 for phonological awareness.

I decided to create a beginning sound set first since I have such awesome clip art available to me. I really love all of the new clip art artists that are creating pictures that teachers really need to make their products. Here's a sneak peek into this super sound set!

 I have included 290 pictures for the letter sounds A-Z (well, I didn't put x in because the sound is just weird!) 

I added words to the pictures, but also added a set of 290 without the words.

I feel like it is good for the kids to see the words at the same time as the picture. You never know when they are going to pick up on reading you know!

I added 4 different alphabets so you can choose the type that fit your style.
There are worksheets that you can use with dry erase pouches at your station and there are worksheets that the kids can write on with a pencil or crayon.

I even added assessment worksheets for you to check up on your little cherubs! Oh, and I included answer sheets as well!

If you would like to check the pack out in greater detail and get a free worksheet too, just click {here} and scoop it up!

Another way to use the pictures is with a notebook and Velcro. (Of course, this is another idea from Pinterest!)

If you would just like to grab the whole pack, just click {here} or click the pic below!

Keep an eye out for more sets coming soon!
Have a wonderful evening!



  1. I love, love love this! Although it is sooooooo worth the price, I have put it one my wishlist and will wait for a sale...Thanks for your great ideas!!! Amy :)

  2. Hi Hilary! This is such a creative idea! It almost makes me wish I was teaching kindergarten again! Thanks for the paint stick tip. I could use them for retelling sticks or library markers. With a coat of bright paint they could be fun for lots of uses!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  3. The content in posted blog seems very informative about fun activities at work for team building. I would sincerly do thanks for posting such useful post.

  4. I got my house painted and ordered additional paint sticks from http://woodpaintsticks.com/wood-craft/ .I am going to make these learning sticks for my students. I think its a great way to teach small kids


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