Sunday, October 7, 2018

Spelling Lists for 3rd Graders

People have asked me for years if I was going to ever make a Spelling Lists That Make Sense for 3rd grade and I finally did it! I used the same basic layout as my 1st and 2nd grade lists, but I didn't make it as cutesy. I figured since 3rd graders are bigger kids, they might not need all the cutesy-ness!

On the student version of the list, there are 5 words that follow the particular spelling skill for that week. There are also 5 high frequency words. On the teacher list, there are 5 additional words that follow the spelling skill and 5 more high frequency words. There is also a dictation sentence that you can use when giving the test (or make up your own!) There is also a spelling test paper you can use when you give your test.

If you are someone who has asked me about 3rd grade lists, sorry for taking so long. If you are new to these spelling lists, you are going to love them!

Here's what others have said about my 1st and 2nd grade lists:

  • I love that they aren't just memorizing a list, but they are learning to apply the spelling rule!
  • Wow, what an amazing resource. This made spelling much more effective.
  • I used this when I taught second and LOVED it! I'm moving to first next year and can't wait to use it there too!
  • Best TPT I've paid for all year!! Save yourself a lot of spelling headaches with this amazing product!!
  • Exactly what I was looking for. . .spelling patterns, plus building from those patterns, and high-frequency words. Plus an ever-growing list of those H-F words they should know for a lifetime.
Thanks for stopping by! I'm trying to get myself back in the saddle again!
Come back soon!


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