Wednesday, March 18, 2020

An Easy Way to Deliver Lessons to Your Students with Distance Learning

Hi everyone. Isn't this just crazy? Who would have thought we would be scrambling to find and create lessons for our students to learn from home with little to no time to plan? Unbelievable!
A couple of weeks ago I got an escape room lesson from TpT and it was housed on Google Sites. That got me thinking about creating a Google Site for classroom assignments when schools began closing. So, I got busy making a bunch of headers and starting building a site to share with teachers. However, I found that there isn't a way to share the site so that you can copy it and use it. Everything you put on would be on the original site. So, I thought I would make a video to help you get your site set up and give you some headers to get you started.

If you are interested in setting up a Google Site for your students and would like to use the headers you can get them FREE here. If there are other words you would like put on the headers, just shoot me an email at and I will try to get that added to the folder.

I did make some 3rd-grade activities for reading, writing, and grammar if you would like some content to get you started. There is also a Check-In page and Assignment checklist also included. Click here.


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