7th - 12th Grade Gifts from All of Us to All of YOU!

For the past couple of years, Rachel Lynette has orchestrated the creation of wonderful resources, Winter Holiday Tips and Freebies books. There are 4 books in all: 
{PK-K}, {1-2}, {3-6}, and {7-12}. 

Many people submitted to this resource, but there wasn't room for all the wonderful entries. In an attempt to show everyone who makes a difference in the lives of children, just how thankful for them we are, we decided to throw a linky party with extra goodies galore! 

Be sure to get your gift books and check out even more goodies here!

So get your flash drive ready 
and get ready for fun! 
Just click the cute links 
and then you'll be done!
(Shopping for freebies that is! 
Can't help you with the rest of your list! 
You may have to call Santa for that!)


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