Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book Clubs Scary? No Way!

So, I’m not exactly sure why, but the week I was supposed to be observed, I thought I would start doing book clubs.  I guess I’m that kind of person!  Anyway, the book clubs turned out fabulously!  I think the trick was taking it one day at a time.  Here’s how I got the clubs going.
  • I didn’t have my whole class start the book clubs. I started with my 2 highest reading groups which is about half of my class.
  • I presented 10 different books to the students.  I read the summaries from the back of each book.  After I read about all of the books, I let the kids look at the pictures and check out the choices. 
  • I then gave each of the kids a sticky note and had them put their name on it. They then   wrote their top 3 choices on the note.  They did not find out the book they were getting at that time.  I collected the notes to look at later. That gave me time to figure out who chose what and allowed me to tweak a couple of the groups.  :)  (don’t act like you never fudge the groups a little...I know you do too!)  LOL  I ended up with three different book clubs.
  • The next day, during my Daily 5 time, I gave one of the groups their book, a planning sheet, a thick questions sheet and a Basic Rules Book.  I decided that it would be best for there to only be one group running at a time.  This worked out beautifully.  I was able to run my reading group and check on the book club as well.
  • The kids just follow the directions on the page...it is like a script for them. I really didn’t have to be with them much.  It was really exciting to watch. They really took over and didn’t need me...Boo Hoo...NOT!  I love when kids become independent!!  That’s one of the highs of my day...when they solve their own problems and are so BIG! 
If you would like to try and brave book clubs, check out my book club packet.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how your kids will rise to the occasion!

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