Friday, September 16, 2011

Ever Heard of a Smart Chute?...Oh, and Did I Hear FREEBIE!?

I LOVE my Smart Chute! My kids LOVE my Smart Chute! It is such a great invention...back in the good ole days...hate to admit it, but I was around back then...we used milk cartons to make these wonderful contraptions. The Smart Chute is much more durable, not too expensive, and you don't have to make it! You can check one out, below...just click the pic!

So, I know you are thinking...what does this have to do with a FREEBIE?? I'm just going to say that one of the FREEBIES has something to do with the Smart Chute and there are even more FREEBIES beside this one! You will just have to head on over to the Teacher2Teacher blog to see all the FREEBIES! Just click the pic!

See you on the other side!


  1. I remember them too, but we called them in and out machines.

  2. They remind me of a Function Machine in Everyday Math:)
    The Schroeder Page

  3. I had to make one of these in college from a milk carton! I wonder if the pack-rat in me has this saved somewhere...

    Heading over to T2T for the Freebies!

    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  4. This brings back memories, oh my! I had to make one of these for my Language Arts methods class. I think the skill I implemented was spelling standard English from phonetic spellings... too long ago to remember specifics. This is GREAT!

  5. In and Out, right!? I can't believe you guys got to make one! I want to make one too! I thought about taking my Smart Chute apart to see the inside! LOL

  6. Monica sent me to your page and I am so glad she did! Looking forward to my newsletter!

  7. Welcome to my newest followers! I'm so glad you are here!

    Hilary :)


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