Monday, October 10, 2011

Do You Have a Special Child That You Will NEVER Forget?

Last year, I had a precious boy in my class who had a very rough start to the school year. Needless to say, we all had a very rough start to the school year! After many behavior programs, telephone calls, conferences, case conferences, etc...we found a way to make our rough patches work for all of us!

This little guy has a very special place in my heart...isn't it funny how that happens? He used to leave me sticky notes all over the note told me that he couldn't wait until I forgot who he was... One of my favorite notes was when he asked me if I took showers! LOL  All of my friends at school got a big kick out of that one!

Today, I got an email from my little guy's 3rd grade teacher...He had written a book and it had a dedication page. On this dedication page, it said..."To Mrs. Lewis because she taught me a thing or two about writing."  Well, I think you taught me a thing or two as well buddy...and just for the record...there is NO WAY that I am EVER going to forget YOU!

If you have a story about a special child that really made an impact on your life, leave a comment!



  1. Hi Hilary,
    Don't those sweet things bring happy tears to your eyes? I had a boy in middle school who was dyslexic. He could barely hold a pencil, couldn't write and, as you can imagine, reading was a challenge! He was extremely intelligent and we'd have incredible conversations about botany and biology.

    He had the best support throughout the year and yet when he left my class to go on, I worried about him constantly. My worries were alleviated when one day I was shopping and ran into him. He told me that he'd always remember our conversations and how it made him feel special. Today, he's a top pediatric surgeon in the Northeast.
    We teachers truly have the best jobs in the world!

  2. That is so cool Ruth! Isn't that amazing? We never know what kind of an impact we might have on the life of a child! We DO have the best jobs in the world!

    Hilary :)


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