Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parent-Teacher Conferences...Gotta Love'em!?

Parent teacher conferences...You gotta love'em, right? Hmmmm, well, I wouldn't go that far...We may not like that we are rushing through the day with 20+ appointments, but I do know that the information that is gathered by both parties is invaluable...and quite interesting too!

My school district does not hold parent-teacher conferences anymore. They encourage us to keep in constant communication with parents and to keep parents aware of any potential problems, should they arise.

I have to say, I miss parent-teacher conferences, though. It is fun to meet the parents of the little people that I spend most of my day with ...they can offer much insight into happenings in my classroom. They can also disclose trade secrets on what works with 'their' child!

I also don't always recognize parents, especially if they haven't been in the school much. The only times I have really met them is at the ice cream social and at Meet the Teacher. At the ice cream social, I don't even know the kids, let alone the parents! And, at Meet the Teacher, I am rushing to fill them up with tons of information...I'm not really focusing on their faces! Of course, they recognize me...and then, I have to ask..."I'm sorry...whose parent are you?" I really don't like having to do that!

This evening, I will be on a talk radio show called Chatting with Charity. Charity, Jennifer, Suzy, Crystal, and myself, will be discussing tips for parent-teacher conferences. Join us this evening at 9:00 ET. Click here to join us! You can even ask questions! Check it out!

 If you miss the live can check it out on blogtalkradio! It's over on my sidebar...there are lots of interesting topics being discussed on Teaching Blog Addict.

Does your school have parent-teacher conferences? How much time do you have to complete them? How do you feel about conferences? Do you have any tips that could help a new teacher, or even one who would like to spruce up conferences?  Let's hear them! We can all learn from each other, so leave a comment!  

See you at 9 tonight...Sunday, October 16, 2011.


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  1. We hold conferences twice per year -- November and February or March (depends on the school). Ours are usually only 15 minutes long which to me just isn't enough time to really chat with the parents. This year I may try student-led conferences so I can have 2-3 families in at once and one of their stations will be to meet with me.


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