Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book Clubs Grading Rubric~Another Group, Another Day

I started another book club this past week. I had a different group of kids reading The Littles. The kids absolutely LOVED this book! They are begging me to get some more of the books . . . even though I have about a bazillion other books in my room! And . . . I'm sure you can relate . . . I want to get the books of course! Anything to get these little squirrels to read! 

Here's a video of them after they finished the book. It still amazes me how well these kids . . . 2nd graders . . . can conduct a very productive book club! 
This is the book club packet that the kids are using . . . it leads them right through the session! I LOVE IT!  Just sayin' . . . Get your own book clubs rockin' in your classroom . . . just click the pic!

I even added this teacher rubric so that you can evaluate your little book clubbers! If you have already bought this awesome resource, you will want to add this to the  pack. If not, you can still use this to evaluate your kiddos!
Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. fabulous!! I really wanted to start book clubs with my 2nd graders this year, but I had an intern and then I was gone for my maternity leave, so I guess it'll be next year...

  2. I am going to use this with my second graders next year. I'm so happy I found this post!


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