Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Vikings & a Sale!

Happy President's Day to you! In honor of our great country, I am putting all of the items in my TpT store on sale . . . 20% off. So if you have something on your wish list, you might want to head on over to get something! Here are some of my best sellers. Click the pics to go to individual items.
$9.99 Now $7.19
$5.99 Now $4.79
$4.00 Now $3.20
$3.99 Now $3.19
$9.99 $7.99

I love getting the day off of school, even if I have to grade papers and plan the whole day! At least I can do it in front of Judge Mathis and Judge Judy!

I was just flipping through some pictures and I thought I would show them to y'all! As you may know, we had the Super Bowl in Indianapolis this year. Our school decided to have a door decorating contest. Each classroom had a different team in the NFL.   I have a jersey from a real player on the Minnesota Vikings, so I traded with a friend to get them. Well . . . my door won . . . at least for the 2nd grade. I guess they wanted more winners, so there were other grade level winners . . . I would've won either way! I think I need therapy . . . I'm so competitive!

Anyway, here are some pics of my cuties in front of our awesome door!

Aren't our Vikings cool too! One little girl brought her Viking horns! Arthur even got to wear them!

It was fun while it lasted! Enjoy the rest of your day . . . or week!


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