Thursday, March 8, 2012

You're a Super Hero! Don't Let Your Morale Get Low!

I want to buy this or make a t-shirt!
I was just reading comments from a post on the NEA Today Facebook page, in response to a Survey: Teacher Job Satisfaction Drops to a New Low, and decided to help inspire our fellow teachers!

 I know that last year, I was very stressed out at school and felt very defeated. I was going home at night and would tell my husband all about my day. As some of you may know, spouses don't really want to hear about all of your 'kid' problems after they have worked all day! (Of course, he listened and he was great, . . . but still . . .) I was also talking in my sleep (apparently) and dreaming about what I was going to do the next day. 

My best friend was so worried that I might quit teaching, she talked to the principal about how she might be able to get some help in my room! (That's a BEST friend, don't you think?) 

However, when I started checking out some of the amazing teacher blogs that are out here, I started to get some of that excitement for teaching back. And then, Pinterest came along . . . Oh my! Lots and lots of pictures to really get my gears going. 

It makes me sad that teachers feel blamed, degraded, overworked, . . . and the list goes on and on. I know that I still get a little overwhelmed with all that is being asked of us, but then I look at the little faces in front of me . . . where else can you touch so many lives and perhaps make an impression that will change a life. 

You have to see this video about classroom super heroes!

Are you a super hero? Are you like Superman when the politicians come in with their Kryptonite? Have teacher blogs, Pinterest, TpT, Teacher's Notebook, etc. helped rejuvenate you? 

I would love to know how you feel about teaching . . . 
Is your morale at an all time low? 

Let's hear it for the TEACHERS, without which, there would be no other profession!



  1. Even though at times administration, politicians, the media and parents make teaching difficult. I have always loved being a teacher. I was born to teach. Blogs have been a huge inspiration. Blogging has made me a better teacher.

    I suspect that teachers who blog will feel positive about teaching because of the support and inspiration we give to each other. I think those who don't take advantage of this experience are the ones who will feel down.


  2. This is such a great post, and so encouraging!! Because I teach at such a small school, and because I was only going to have 2 students this year, the principal wanted to make me the school secretary while I taught part time. This really discouraged me! The thing that I loved so much was going to partly be taken away from me. Many people didn't understand my frustration, because I would still be teaching. Then a new secretary was found and part way through the first quarter, I was able to teach more, but still only 4 subjects. The rest of the time would be helping around the school. So, I felt that I lost some of that joy, and I didn't know how to motivate and engage just 2 students. Some of the fun things that I normally do in my classroom wouldn't work without having them throughout the day. THEN, during Christmas break I found Pinterest, and because of Pinterest, I found a whole new world...a teacher blogging world!! I have become a whole new teacher this half of the school year! I'm so glad, because as sad as it would have been, I almost thought of walking away from it. But it's my love, my life! So, yes, I have a whole new perspective, and all new ideas! What a wonderful thing! So thankful to be able to get that joy and excitement back! And by the way, your Math Mysteries have been a big part of that! Thank you! :)

  3. Last year after laws passed in our state (Idaho) to take away collective bargaining and many other teacher rights and gave us big cuts in salary I lay in bed one night feeling very sorry for myself. I wanted to just quit, but didn't know what I would do because it has been a long time (20 years) since I had another job.

    I decided that I would go another year and that would be it, but this year I have discovered my love for teaching again. I read blogs from other teachers who are frustrated and sad about what we must do, but ultimatly we are are here for the same thing, we love children and love to teach. I have loved, loved, loved all the blogs and teaching ideas. I even started my own blog, being a beginner in blogland it isn't very good yet, but I hope eventually to inspire other teachers and help lift spirits as well. Thanks for the opportunity to share this. Jill Tales from Second

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Blogging and Pinterest both have helped me feel better overall about teaching, in encouragement, support, all the freely shared ideas from AMAZING teachers, and a chance to throw out some of my ideas. It is such a wonderful community! It really shows how supportive, encouraging, and inspiring our profession is, not only to our kids, but to each other!

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

  5. I've been seeing low morale at a few schools I sub for, but due to admin and money troubles and testing.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  6. Thanks soo much for posting this! The year started off with me finding out that I was on the needs improvement list. Apparently, I was not supposed to find out, but it leaked in September because our new principal (her first year) copied her evaluation (she was told by our superintendent to be very transparent) w/o thinking to black out the names of the TWO people on needs improvement. :O whaaaaaaa!! I was devastated, of course, but she came to me, apologized, and explained her reasoning. She said she didn't know enough of the teachers to choose anyone and he told her she had to choose someone THAT minute! She chose me because she knew me and trusted me... the other name on the list was not even a teacher.

    I found blogging in June and was soooo gung-ho about being in the classroom! I couldn't understand where this business of needs improvement had come from at all! It was amazing, but God really showed up and showed off because I found all this out at 7 a.m. that morning and stayed at school all day in the most peaceful mindset! God just held me throughout that day because several people who had found this out (my friend tried to keep it quiet) commented to my friend or another friend that they couldn't believe how I was responding to this. One teacher even said she would have had to get a sub and go home because she would have cried all day long!

    Now, my name has been removed from the needs improvement list and on my Class Keys evalutaion I received 15 Exemplary out of 24 indicators! The other nine were Proficient, and my former administrator had only given me ONE Exemplary out of 24!

    It almost sounds as if my new principal was trying to make it up to me for the needs improvement list, but I was soooo excited about her coming to our school. I had worked with her previously when she was still teaching, so I know her well enough to know that she is blunt like I am and would not have a problem with telling me straight out if I were not "up to snuff." She understands elementary needs well and is supportive, but not afraid to let you know when something isn't kosher. I love that! Some of the teachers at our school don't respond well to that, but I'd rather be told straight out what the problem is so I can get on with fixing it!

    We have had paycuts for the past three years, but I just know that I must rely on the LORD because He is the only One who can save me anyway. My darling hubby also lost 2/3 of his hourly salary and went from working 48-60 hours weekly to 10-5 hours weekly. Life is what we make it, though, and we're still trusting God for salvation, deliverance, and abundant life. That doesn't mean we have everything we want, just all we need! :)



    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

    The Yellow Rocking Chair

  7. It's those little smiling faces that make me love my job! I just wish there weren't so many other things weighing us down :( Thanks for the positive post!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  8. Thanks so much for your awesome comments guys! Please consider linking up in the linky party with a post on your blog . . . or just from an article you've found on the internet!

    Teachers Rock!

    Hilary :)

  9. Hi, Hilary. I must admit I'd do a linky party if I knew how to do one! Just have to say blogging helps me link in with more like minded teachers who exist in cyber space. Sometimes in our own buildings it's hard to venture out on your plan because your colleagues are teaching. Thanks for sharing your ideas with teachers out here like me!

  10. I want to make bookmarks for the teachers at my son's school that have the I teach. What's your superpower? on them. Do you know how I can get permission to copy that picture?


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