Monday, May 7, 2012

Can You Believe More Free Stuff?

Wow, yesterday was wild ! I hope you liked the freebie that I chose for you ! I had almost 6,000 downloads, so I think it was a success. I think it is a good sample of the type of resources that I make. Only the best for my Rockin' fans ! I hope you will continue to check out my stuff . . . be sure to follow me so that you will get a message when I add something else to {my store} !

Oh, and don't forget about the {Teachers Notebook giveaway} and sale that is going on ! I made my entry for today, did you ?

Okay . . . enough . . . I'm going to get my toe nails painted! Here's to the BESTEST TEACHERS IN THE WORLD ! Thank you for all you do for kids ! Have a great week !



  1. Thanks so much; I tried to use the code and it said it had been used the maximum number of times..........darn!


  2. I tried the code yesterday and today and both times it has told me that it has been used the maximum number of times. :-( Thanks for the information though! You reminded me to sign up for the sweepstakes again!

  3. I tried to comment earlier, but it didn't go through so I'll try again...

    Thank you for trying the code! The problem was that it was supposed to be one word: TEACHERSROCK. I've set it so it works either way now: TEACHERS ROCK or TEACHERSROCK. I'm trying to keep it going as long as possible so it currently does not have a limit. You can get some amazing deals with the $5 + 20% off.

    I've given away nearly $3000 in FREE stuff at this point! What's more, none of that comes out of the pockets of the teachers selling @ A to Z! THANK YOU teachers for your hard work and dedication to your students.

    And, yes, you may only use the coupon once. It is limited, but I can also see if someone tries to get around that. Teachers are an honest group so I don't have to worry too much. :-) I just wanted to mention the rule since it would be awkward to have to contact someone about coupon misuse! I hope you enjoy your gift. THANK YOU!!

  4. I want to apologize to the 99% of teachers who are honest, but I had to end the $5 gift due to misuse. Unfortunately, the worst offender was traced back to the link Hilary so graciously provided to you here.

    If you missed out, I'm sorry. The coupon now will give you a 10% discount which you CAN combine with the 20% off sale.

  5. I tried to use the code and it only took $0.50 off. Not sure why. Thanks for your help : )


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