Friday, September 28, 2012

Daily 5 Organization Video

On with the video! You may remember my blog post about using my stoplight pocket charts to help my kids choose their Daily 5 stations. Here is a pic of what it used to look like.

The charts look a little different this year. I separated the charts (there are 3 charts that Velcro together) so that there wouldn't be so many kids all in the same place trying to choose their stations. When the kids first come into the room in the morning, they get their cards and choose their stations for the day! I think this video will clarify how this system works and how it saves me at least 10 minutes each day on Daily 5 choosing!

Well, I hope this helps you get yourself organized in your classroom. If you would like the cards that I have on here, just click the {pic} to get them now.

Happy Fall!



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