Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lakeshore Rhyming Houses & b and d Reversals

The first 3 weeks of school are used for setting up routines and teaching the kids all the different components of their learning stations. I always start out with them reading by themselves. I then add in activities that help them make words. I teach 2nd grade and I always like to review short vowel word families and rhyming. These cute and sturdy houses from {Lakeshore} were a HUGE hit. Not only are they good for rhyming, but also for recognizing the various spellings for words that rhyme. 

I like to rotate new activities into my word making station and I put these away. My kids revolted! I had to promise to bring them back soon. I will! They really are neat and educational too!

If you would like to get these houses, you can even save some moolah . . . Just head to this {special offer} for the discount code! 

One year ago, on Labor Day weekend, I started working on the Rockin' Teacher Materials as we now know it. So, Happy Anniversary to me . . . and YOU! 

I have everything in my {TpT store} and {TN store} 20% off for the Labor Day weekend. I even have another FREEBIE for you. I found this adorable clip art from Cheryl Seslar, and just had to make a 'bed' for 'b and d reversals'. Kids still have trouble with that in 2nd grade. Just click the {pic} to grab your copy!

Have a LOVELY LABOR Day weekend!



  1. I love that rhyming house game! And the new freebie is so adorable! Love the clip art!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  2. Love the "bed" freebie!! I have several who still switch the b and d.

  3. Anonymous, and Hilary, how old is too old for b/d reversals? Just stumbled on this Site looking for answers about my second grader.

  4. Do you have something for q and p reversals?


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