Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inference Skills Made Easy and Fun!

These little lovelies are showing one of the posters with
some of the inferences they made.
 I want to show you something that I made to help my kids with making inferences. However, I feel so guilty . . . I don't want you to think that I'm just trying to sell you something. I hope you know that I don't just make stuff to sell. I sell stuff that I make to use in my own room. 

Anyway, I'm really excited about this . . . Oh, and let's not forget to mention that inferring is a Common Core Standard. Yep, that's right and it is a standard that continues all through elementary school.

 And to think, I used to have so much trouble teaching this skill to my kids. Now, they are inferring like pros!

Here's how I introduced my first lesson.

I shared this poster and read the story to the kids. 
I then share some basic inferences with them. I say "I can infer that the knight will help the princess get an apple out of the tree."
Then, I tell the kids to turn and talk to their partners and see if they can come up with some inferences from the picture/story. 
The kids share some of their ideas and I tweak them to make sure that they are making inferences, and not just looking at details in the picture. For example: A child might say "There is a red flag on the castle." Then I might add, "Yes, there is a red flag and it looks like it is moving. If the flag is moving, then the wind is probably blowing."

The next day, I break the kids up into groups of 2 or 3 and give them a picture and story to use to infer together. I gave them a worksheet that asks questions to help get the kids started on making their inferences.

Discussing the pictures and stories using our
newly acquired inference skills.

Check out these rockin' kids inferring. The clips are only 10-15 seconds each. So check them out! You will be impressed. I am!

After we practiced inferring, I hung up a poster with blank lines so that the kids could write inferences if they thought of one. 

Next week, I am going to put out these inference cards for the kids to use at stations. They have to match the pictures with the clue cards. I guess they could play a memory game too.

Have a thundering Thursday! If you would like to get your kids inferring like crazy, just click {here} or click the pics.

Click to check out a {preview and a FREE page} to give your kids!

Ta-ta for now!



  1. What an awesome way to teach inferences! You rock!

  2. Can't wait to purchase this one. Thanks for sharing. Inferring is one of those concepts that can be really tricky in teaching. I need to get an early start with it. Awesome!

  3. Amazing idea! I will use it in the fall.

  4. It was also discussed in some earlier statements to regard about every possible fact as mentioned here with effective piece of mind. reference generator tool


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