Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy & Quick Gifts and Last Week Educational Fun

I hope today went well with your precious little ones. Thankfully, little ones are so resilient. 

I'm so sorry I haven't been around lately. I went to the doctor and apparently have a double ear infection. Huh? So that's why I felt so bad and kept sleeping all the time! Hopefully, I will be back to my old self again soon! I wanted to share an idea that turned out really cute! My friend, Rachel was at Michael's the other day and found these cute little canvas squares! She was buying white, but when I found out they had black, I was all over it! Even better, there were 8 to a pack! Here's what they look like. 

(Too big? Wanted to be sure you could tell what to get!)

Then, most of us probably have some craft paint in the closet and old paint brushes. Even if you have to buy some paint it's like $0.69 or something, right? The paint dries very quickly, so you can complete these in one day!

I did have the kids use the clear twinkle paint over their masterpieces to give it a shimmery look! Then, we slapped a magnet to the backs of these puppies and we are ready to roll! 

Remember, if you would like to do something that is fun and educational too, be sure to check out my math mysteries! They are CCSS aligned and I have lots for the winter months too.

Just click the pics to check them out! I know the kids will love them! The first two mini-mysteries are FREE!

OH MY GOODNESS! I almost forgot! We have a winner from the giveaway! I contacted Cheryl, but forgot to let you all know! Wow, I need to get my head screwed on right!

Have a great day tomorrow! Remember to keep those smiles on!


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