Wednesday, April 24, 2013

News Flash! The Quiet Game Really Works!

Today, we were working on some of our fun Earth Day activities and we weren't getting anything done. So, I decided to pull out the old 'Quiet Game' to move things along. Now, I know what you are thinking . . . "That only works for a short time." Well, this is how it went. 

We played by table. I have 4 tables so if someone talks at that table, they are out of the game. The winning table won 3 points ({Dojo} of course), 2nd place won 2 points, and 3rd place won 1 point. Last place didn't get any points. Now-if their table had gotten out and a child decided to talk, they lost their own {Dojo} point. You could have heard a pin drop in there! Presto! We finished our neato-keeno {Earth Day flip books} by {Anna at Simply Skilled in Second} and were ready to get our 'learn' on! Be sure to Check out Anna's other awesome flip books and enter her giveaway too!

{Ashley at Just Reed} is also have a FANTASTIC giveaway. It is like Oprah's favorite things, but all the prizes are Ashley's favorite things. She has 29 teaching resources you can win . . . some she created, and some from other awesome TpT sellers. Oh, and did I say that one of those awesome sellers is me? You can win my {Reading Record and Response Packet}as well as the other goodies! Hurry and {enter now} for your chance to win!



  1. Hillary :). Are you the sweetest thing EVER!!!!!! Thank you sooooooooo much for this incredible shout out on your blog!!!! I am truly beyond flattered!!!!! And that flip - flap book looks awesome!!!! I loved how it was colored :). You really are so sweet and I am so touched and honored that you enjoyed my unit and shared it with your readers :) I am going to send you a little gift tomorrow via email ;).


  2. I love that you made it a competition! :)
    Another version of the "quiet game" (that the kids in my school haven't quite figured out is really just the quiet game...haha) that I came up with is called "Starfish." This one might not work while trying to get work done though, but it is fun when they're crazy wild at a recess or something.
    There's a Starfish Catcher (usually me to start with). They are going to try to catch the starfish moving (blinking, sneezing, breathing, etc are of course ok...Unless you want blue starfish ;)). The starfish can move (even talk), as long as the Catcher doesn't see them. The Catcher can try to get people to laugh, or move but they can't get in the person's face, touch them, or yell at them. The kids also know that there's no arguing with what the Catcher sees (as long as the Catcher is honest and fair). I have 8th graders in my school as well as my kinders that LOVE this game. It's also great when kids are out of control (like when parents are around for a special event, but the kids can only be good for so long). LOVE me some quiet games ;)


  3. Sometimes the craziest things pull us through! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners


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