Sunday, May 5, 2013

More Paint Stick Phonics for You!

I'm seriously in love with all the clip art that is being made now! It has helped me on so many of my new projects. I've now got paint sticks for short vowel sounds and for digraphs! I'm working on a new one for blends as we speak. I'm planning a long vowel pack and anything else I can think of!

The coolest thing is that once you have the paint sticks and notebook set up, you can just change out the pics and pages! Here's a closer look. Click the pics to stick one in your shopping cart!

By the way, I have more good news! Have you heard about the big {Teacher Appreciation Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers}. It is going to be May 7 and 8. Most everyone is having a sale, and TpT is taking another 10% off the sale price! Can't beat that! The code ID to enter in at checkout is TAD13!


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