Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teacher Appreciation from Others-Must Read!

Well, here we are again, wrapping up another school year. It's funny how sometimes it seems like time moves so slowly (like the week before winter break) and how it really moves so quickly! I never seem to believe that it is actually May/June.

I ran across an awesome blogger Jen Hatmaker who wrote an amazing post titled {Dear Teachers Everywhere . . .} and it is definitely a must read! 

Here's a clip of the beginning of the article:

Did you read the article? I hope so and I hope all you teachers know how much I appreciate you as well. That includes:

  • My mom who was a teacher and who brought her wonderful ideas home and tried them out on her kids.
  • Teachers I had in elementary school who put up with my talking and fidgeting.
  • Teachers in middle school who . . . Oh we all know what middle school teachers put up with . . . YUCK! Not my favorite age. BIG kudos to you all!
  • Teachers in high school who put up with my antics and tied a knot in my tail when I needed it.
  • Teachers in college who taught me how to teach.
  • Teachers who let me into their classrooms and trusted me to student teach their students.
  • Teachers who had my kids in school and who put up with their antics. Oh, and don't forget the grief their mother (me) gave you about too much homework!
  • Teachers whom I've had the pleasure of teaching with for the past 28 years and who have taught me more than they know.
  • Then there are the amazing administrators who really helped me move forward in my teaching and who made me feel like I was a super teacher. 
I know there are many more teachers that I am probably forgetting right now, but to all of you, I say thanks. I know it isn't what you deserve, but if I could give you the world, I would!

Happy Teacher Appreciation week everyone!


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  1. Thanks for sharing that essay from Jen Hatmaker! It was awesome! I shared it on my FB page to send the message along! Love it!


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