Monday, November 4, 2013

How to Use My New E-Book Math Mystery Video

Hi everyone! I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first? Okay . . . I'll give you the good news first! I finished another math mystery and I am really excited about it. I made this math mystery an e-book! It is a book that isn't meant to be printed out (save on ink and paper), but is meant to used on a computer, iPad, or other electronic device. I made a video so you could see just how it works. Check it out!

Oh, sorry! I almost forgot I need to tell you the bad news. The bad news is, I don't have a book ready for any other grades besides 3rd. (Remember, I do teach 3rd grade math.) 

Oh, and one other thing. I'm not sure this is good or bad, but I am going to still make this in a printable form if you would still like it that way. However, yup, you guessed it, it isn't done either. Sorry!

I hope you like this idea because I know I'm really excited about it! Click if you would like to purchase this {3rd grade e-book} now.

Thanks so much for stopping by! 


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