Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kids and Staplers . . . Easier Than Ever Now!

Cooperation in Stapling . . . Check out the Rainbow Looms!
I am always stapling packets together, and I really get tired of it. Kids are always wanting to staple paper together, but they can never push hard enough to get the staple through the paper. 

That's the way it USED to be! I'm sure you all know about these awesome staplers that you can push with one finger and it works. Well, the other day, I was at Office Depot and found these staplers and they were so small, cute and colorful . . . and they were on sale to boot! I bought one in every color and now have a stapler for all my tables! 

I like my kids to be independent learners and having the tools they need for their creativity, helps them along that path. I also keep tape, sticky notes, and paper out so their creativity can run wild. 

How do you encourage independent thinking in your class?



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