Thursday, February 13, 2014

Look How Accountable My Kids are During Buddy Reading

Well, I told you I would give you an update of how our 'book buddies' were going and I thought a picture or two is worth a thousand words. Check out how engaged these kids are! I am so excited about how they are doing! They have really risen to the challenge!

Now that I've given it a go, I thought I would answer some comments I received in my previous post. So, here's what I've found out . . . so far! 

1. Elizabeth asked about how long it takes the kids to write responses. 

The kids haven't had any trouble writing the responses, at least yet, and I think that is because of a couple things. One reason might be because they are writing on a post-it and there isn't a lot of room to write. Also, they have a buddy working with them and my kids have been great at helping each other with the responses. At the end of the round, I have the buddies share their responses on the microphone. (They LOVE to share and it seems like they always do a better job when they know they are going to share.) I then have the kids staple the post-its together and put them in my note basket so I can take a peek at them later. (Just between you and me, they are never going to see those post-its again!)

2. Mrs. McElhinney asked if I have a list of books for various reading levels. 

I searched all over the internet looking for lists of books that address reading strategies and found a ton of great lists. Then, I picked out the picture books I already had in my book baskets to use in the buddy bags. Even though the books aren't ability leveled, they are working out great and the buddies are helping each other out when one of them gets stuck!

Have a great day at your party if you aren't snowed in! I'll be thinking of you on your crazy day! Hope you'll be thinking of me!



  1. You rock! Thank you for responding to my question in such a wonderful way!

    Seconds at the Beach

    1. I'm so glad that you take the time to leave me meaningful comments! Thanks again for coming over!

  2. This is AMAZING! I have the same struggle, too. Would you be willing to sell the book list and sticky note organizers in your store?

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