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My Favorite Things - Giveaway and Blog Hop 2015

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Today we are throwing  a big, humongous bash to celebrate YOU!
Last year we blogged about our favorite non-school related things, this year we have decided that we will share with you our favorite school things! So here we go:
I absolutely LOVE the app SeeSaw. It is an online student journal that the kids use to show their learning. I have the kids read their writing on it. That lets me take a closer look at the writing and not have to carry a bunch of papers home. I can also make comments using the talk to text feature, or even record an audio comment for them to listen to. I use it for assessment and I'm able to check for understanding quickly. I can also check on kids who can sometimes slip through the cracks. I had the kids tell me what an adjective is and one little girl recorded that an adjective was "a person, place, or thing." I was able to correct her misunderstanding quickly and then follow up with her the next day at school. Another app I use with SeeSaw, is Shadow Puppet Edu. It is a very basic 'movie-making' app. (It's really a slideshow that you can record your voice over.) It's very easy to use and the kids can use it independently (once you've showed them how.) Below, I tried to show you some of the features and I've even included a couple of videos to show how I've used it.
This video is a little long, but you can get the idea of how awesome this app is in the first minute or two.
This video will show you how the kids used Shadow Puppet Edu to share their books.

  1. Take a picture of each page of the book.
  2. Open the Shadow Puppet Edu app and create a new project.
  3. Choose your pictures in order from the camera roll.
  4. Hit record and read your book. When you are done with that page, you just arrow to the next page until you are finished with the book. 
  5. Then, you can just 'share' your video with SeeSaw and put it in your folder for your teacher to see. (I set my SeeSaw so I have to approve everything that goes on.) So COOL!

I like the saying "Creative minds are never neat," because it give me an excuse! However, even we creatively messy people need to know where things are! I have 6 of these 'small parts organizers' to help me keep organized. I have one with small drawers for my reward cards. There are 2 sets of drawers with medium size drawers for small school supplies like paper clips, staples, Sharpies, Command Hooks, etc. Another one of the organizers has a combination of medium and small drawers for some of the overflow. I keep some of the prizes in these drawers (like the gum for the Hubba Bubba reward.) The large organizers hold shoe box sized boxes. I have a drawer for my label maker and cords, another for tools (yes screwdrivers, razor blades, etc.) I even have a drawer for personal items. This drawer is the best because there is always something you need in there. I have chap stick, eye drops, hair bands, glasses, Aleve, dental floss, an name it, I probably have it! I wish I would've had these a long time ago. 
Oh, and the most important part is you need to put them in ABC order. That way, you can find things once you've put them away. (If you know your ABCs, that is!)

 I just LOVE using my math mysteries with my kiddos and they love reading them too!
It's a fun way to incorporate reading comprehension with math problem solving. One thing I like to do is use different grade level versions with my class. Then, I put the same cover on the outside and no one is the wiser! One part of the class may be doing the third grade book and the other part may be doing the second grade book, but they both have the 2nd (or 3rd) grade cover.
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  1. I love using those small parts organizers, too, Hilary. Once again the hardware store comes to the rescue! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas.
    Linda at Primary Inspiration


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