Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Finally Finished Something-Spelling Pages!

I told my hubby today that I really wanted to complete a product . . . It's been so long since I've been able to just sit and work. It seems like I've been running here and there and everywhere all summer long and then . . . school started . . . and here we are now!

I've had lots of people ask me to make activity sheets that go along with my spelling lists. I started by making word configurations to go along with the spelling words. 

You could use them as homework or practice pages. I am going to put them at my word work station in plastic page protectors. Then, the kids can write the words, check their work, then wipe them off for the next person. (You know how I love despise paper flying all around my room!)

I only have the 2nd grade version done so far, however, I plan to finish the 1st grade version in the next week or so. So, stay tuned firsties!

Click {here} if you would like to check out the word configuration pack for 2nd graders. 

Check out the {spelling lists} too, if you haven't had the pleasure!

It's getting late and I really need to shower and watch some serious TV! I've got a little DVRing to catch up on!

Have a great Monday and an even better week!



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