Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Science Journals Are Rockin'!

I'm so excited about how well our science journals are coming along. We are finishing up learning about the moon. Here is our phases of the moon calendar that we have been keeping.
Now, we have begun to learn about the weather...It is so much fun! I am so glad to be teaching topics that are 2nd grade appropriate. Yesterday, we thought of words to describe the day. Some of our descriptions were: chilly, cloudy, cool, warm, warmish cold, sunny but cold, and 64 degrees...(hmmm...I think we might have a little weather person in our classroom!) We then talked about the kind of clothes we should wear for different types of weather. The kids then got a sticky note and drew a picture of them in clothes that they would wear in their favorite type of weather. We made a bar graph with our sticky notes...14 of us like hot weather best, 3 like cold weather best, and 6 of us like cool/warm weather best. We recorded our data on graph paper in our science journals.

Today, we used our sticky note picture to describe our clothing and why it fit the weather we chose as our favorite type.
And since it was such a nice, rainy day...and since it is right before fall break...we decided we would go outside for a minute to experience the weather. We wrote about what we saw, what we heard, what we felt, and what we smelled...and we didn't MELT! We came back and wrote about what we experienced in our journals.
He told me he was using big words to expand his vocabulary! What a hoot!
We are also doing a great job using our table of contents and glossary too!
I am so happy with the way our science is going and how excited the kids are about their science journals. If you would like to use these with your little scientists, you can check it out here! Just click the pic!



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