Friday, October 21, 2011

Rocket Math Rocks!

Math facts used to be one of the parts of math that I dreaded...and I'm sure my kids did too! Well, not anymore! We now use a program called Rocket Math. This math program has made all the difference in the world!

The only problem I had with it is the amount of paper that is my YouTube video that shows my solution to this problem in action. Here are some pics of my organization of Rocket Math and how it works for me. 

These are the binders where I keep all of the placement tests,
1 minute timed tests, and 2 minute timed tests.
I also ran each page back to back so that there were actually
2 tests per page. That way, I only have to actually trade pages
every other time a child passes a test.
These pages then go into a plastic 3-prong folder with a
heavy-duty page protector in it. The quiz to be tested on is
on one side and the answers are on the back. The tests are
lettered A-Z for addition and subtraction, A-W for multiplication,
and A-X for division. The students are given a rocket with
these letters to keep track of their progress.
This is the back of the page protector. Two kids hold the
page in between them to practice the problems. (see video)

As the students pass levels,
they move their clothespin
down the rocket, until they
blast the next operation!

You can start organizing your Rocket math now. Click the pics to get started!


Rock on with Rocket Math!



  1. We've been using this same Rocket Math for several years. We store ours in file cabinets.we have student helpers fill the folders every morning. Everyday we celebrate anyone who has passed a test with a Chair Cheer. The kids who pass get to stand on their chair while the rest of us cheer very loudly and bang on our desks! When they pass addition, they get to stand on their desk and get their picture taken to be put in the hallway Hall of Fame board. When they pass subtraction, they get to stand on MY desk and get a picture taken. And finally if they pass multiplication or division, they get to stand on a lege outside one of our windows (it's actually a roof over a small part of the school) well supervised, while the kids are on the playground cheering them on. These celebrations are a huge part of their success.

  2. I love the cheering on the desks! We are going to definitely start that! We don't have a the pics too! Thanks for the great ideas!

    Hilary :)

  3. These are wonderful ideas to pick up any math program! Thanks so much. Carolyn

  4. Ms. Lewis,
    How do you actually do the one minute test? I may have missed it, but all I am able to figure out is that the students use their 3 ring binder to practice. Is that correct? I am looking for a way to cut down on the amount of paper I use.
    Thank you
    Jenny Day
    2md Grade

    1. Hi Jenny,
      They use the folders to take the test, not just practice. I then check them and change the pages. Here is the link to the other video of my kids taking the test. How I use Rocket Math in my classroom.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Hi,I was searching for the good apps for making my math easy & here it is. It is very nice and I like Splash Math app too, which made math so easy.

  6. A friend just introduced this to me yesterday, and I'm excited to use it. She puts the math facts sheet in a page protector and uses a dry erase marker to save on paper. :)

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