Tuesday, April 24, 2012

End of the Year - Probability?

Every math series I've ever taught from teaches probability at the end of the school year. I love Everyday Math, because they teach it all throughout the year . . . and then at the end of the year . . . of course! 

On Fridays we like to do some fun activities . . . so we did 'Good Luck Goodies' to help us with our probability skills!  Here are some pics to show you how it went.
Making predictions before we open our goodies!

We carefully cut the bag open . . . we will use the bag again later!
We pour out our goodies to see if our predictions were correct.
Then, we sort, tally, and total them.
Then we graph our goodies. 
We practice using the language of chance.
We put our goodies back into the bags.
We shake the bags up and down and all
around, then pull out 1 goody. We tally
our results to see which one we pull out
the most often. 
We even had some major spinner action
going on! 100 spins! (Don't worry, we
didn't do all of these activities in one day!)
The cool thing about this unit is, you can use any kind of goodies that you want! One of the gals on my team used Skittles, another used M & Ms, and another used Fruit Loops! I decided to go the healthy route . . . Bwahahahaha! 
{Like fruit snacks are so healthy!}

Anyway . . . If you would like to spice up your end of the year probability unit, you can check mine out! You know the drill . . . Just click the {pic}!



  1. I love this unit. Adding to my cart right now :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Hi HIlary!!

    Probability is our last chapter too! What a fun way to do it throughout the year! I used Everyday Math a couple years ago when I was student teaching and I loved it! Especially because of the constant spiral reviews! Thanks for sharing this fun activity! I'm going to head over to check it out! I am a new follower!

    Lessons with Laughter

  3. You always have great ideas. I loved Everyday Math and how it spiraled. I switched schools this year and we do not use Everyday Math. I "enrich" our curriculum with my own hands on activities to give it a spiraling effect. Then I know students are always practicing and reviewing a multitude of concepts. I am your newest follower from TBTS.
    Classroom Companion

  4. Thanks Hilary, I to use food when I teach probability but these are such cute and different sheets to help make the learning more fun. Just added it to my basket. I do hope you will also add more 1st grade mysteries in the future. :)

  5. Your ideas are great! Found your blog via TPT and I'm your newest follower! I'm a very new blogger and am in awe of yours!

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