Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brain Breaks ~ Gangnam Style!

Today, my team and I had the pleasure of visiting another teacher in our district to watch her teach math workshop. It was AWESOME! Of course, as you all know, that isn't all we got out of our visit! 

There we tons of great ideas and I'm going to share some with you another day. But for today, I have to let you know that they did some of the coolest brain breaks! Of course, I want to share them with you! I can't wait to show them to my kids! They will FREAK! Check these out!

So . . . who's gonna be the rockinest teacher in the school? That would be me . . . and YOU can be too!  



  1. =) I love just dance! Great way to exercise and it is fun! I am sure your kids will love it!



  2. We use Just Dance for brain breaks in third grade quite a bit. One thing you might want to be careful about is the lyrics. "eeeeeeeeh, sexy lady!" is not exactly school-appropriate! (at least at my school!) Have fun though....my kiddos LOVE Dynamite!

  3. We stick to just dance kids just to be safe, at least in primary! Tons of the regular just dance songs are NOT appropriate for school.

  4. These are great for Brain Breaks. However, I would caution against a few songs. A lyric in "Moves Like Jagger" is

    Take me by the tongue
    And I'll know you
    Kiss me 'til you're drunk
    And I'll show you


  5. Which of these would y'all show a 3rd grade class? I'm hearing impaired and cannot hear all of the lyrics to screen them for my students. :(

  6. I love NASA Johnson Style that is a parody of Gangnum Style and features astronauts. Cute! (And science related.)

  7. Try "Farmer Style" instead of Gangnum Style. It's such a cute parody of the song, and the video is done by some talented Kansas boys - VERY appropriate.
    We also love the Just Dance "That's What Makes You Beautiful"- nothing objectionable there. My boys think they ARE One Direction!
    Mine also love Just Dance Kids: "I Whip My Hair" and the "Gummy Bear song." (Not the Animated Version) Love brain breaks!!! Julie


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