Sunday, January 26, 2014

Playing Minecraft Games to Writing Minecraft Stories

So, every day when I go to school, I have kids telling me all about their adventures on Minecraft. Well, I had no idea what Minecraft was, so I decided to do a little research. 
     Well, I found out about it and decided to make a writing packet for my kids to write about their adventures instead of just telling me about them every morning.
     We all know that teaching the CCSS is important, but we have to motivate the kids to actually do the writing. Well, this Minecraft pack really got the creative juices flowing! 

I had a mom helper help me with the cutting, so it wasn't too bad! LOL! I got a sectioned platter (from Dollar Tree, of course), so the kids could dump the different pieces out and see them better.

If the kids can't decide what characters they are going to use, they can spin a spinner to help them choose. The kids have a guide to walk them through the writing process. Check out this short video and see the spinner in action. Oh, and check out the excitement!

The kids use this reference sheet to walk them through the writing process.
     The kids find the background that is 'just right'!

Aren't these pictures great? 

K is a bit excited to tell me all about her story.

I'm telling you . . . the key to great writing is MOTIVATION!
And, what is more motivating than Minecraft? Get your Minecraft Crazy Kids writing now and get ready for excitement! If you'd like to pick up your own copy, just click the {pic}!
And,  if you are REALLY into Minecraft, check out this article on the Top 15+ Best Minecraft Mods



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