Saturday, May 3, 2014

Alliteration Spinners Were a HUGE Hit!

I love teaching alliteration to my kiddos (some of you already know that about me) and wanted a quick and easy way to help them learn. I have my humongous alliteration pack, but I wanted to make something simpler. I came up with a spinner idea . . . I just had to print, laminate, and USE!

I gave the kids a paper clip to use as a spinner and they were ready to roll . . . or spin I guess I should say! 

There are 5 different spinners on each letter page to give the kids ideas for their sentences. 

I decided to do this as a whole class activity, but it could definitely be used in a small group or at stations.  Here's the way I got going.
  • Give each child a 'spinner' page and paper clip.
  • Kids spin the paper clip to find a name, who (or what), where, with what, and adjectives to describe those things.
  • Kids write the words from the spinner in the correct boxes on the 'sloppy copy' page.
  • They then write a sentence using words from the boxes. Have them use describing words to make the sentences more interesting and colorful.
  • I checked the sentences on the sloppy copy and provided a final page for the published sentence.
  • The kids illustrated their sentences and shared them with the class.

The kids had such a blast and asked to do more! Getting kids excited about learning is half the battle! SCORE! If you would like to score your own pack, just click here!



  1. So clever! I love the spinners to give the kids "starter" words for their sentences.

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