Sunday, November 28, 2021

Holiday Help with FREEBIES and a NEW Holiday Escape!

It's almost time for the holidays! The last few weeks until winter break! What types of things do you look for to teach your students or to supplement your lessons?!

I am always looking for things that are FUN! Students don't often get a break and this time of year it's very hard for students to focus, hence the introduction of engaging holiday content. Let's look at some things I have found that will be sure to have success in your classroom. Whether you are supplementing a lesson, looking for station materials, partner work, or whole class activity, I will address ALL of those needs!

I love activities that are centered around independent or partner work. I can ALWAYS change it to a whole group lesson if needed, but I would rather students be able to work on their own, in pairs, or small groups while I am conferencing and meeting with students one-on-one during work time. 

Math Mysteries are ALWAYS easy and fun! 
Check out all of the Holiday Math Mysteries HERE

These are Digital Narrated versions. What I love about these is that they use reading comprehension at the same time that students are using their problem-solving skills. There are paper/pencil versions available as well. 
(P.S. AND they are full of  holiday FUN!)

Escape Rooms are the next must-have for FUN and independent learning OR you choose how you use them! I have a NEW Escape Room below that is Stan the Snowman: Lost in the Snowstorm! This is a great 'Just for Fun' activity for that last day right before winter break. I am going to use it as part of the party!

Students also love the Holidays Around the World Escape Room. Students love to learn about the different counties and their traditions, while also solving the clues. Another great comprehension piece to enhance a unit study on traditions or a stand-alone lesson of learning. 

Check out this preview of the Holidays Around the World Escape Room Below!

During that last week before break, I am always looking for activities to keep students engaged. I like to do stations that students rotate through. Here are some station ideas for you!

Station #1: Inference Skills Made Easy! (FREE!)

Station #2: Snow Day Synonyms This is a word sort with synonyms. I like to put them in a pocket chart on the wall. There is a worksheet included for a check-up after completing the word sort.

Station #3: Creative Writing Station (Write a persuasive letter for a gift to receive, a persuasive piece getting an extra day off of school, descriptive writing of a gift they received, a thank-you letter to someone, winter haikus, or other poetry)

Station #4: ABC Order to the 3rd letter This is another word sort for students to manipulate the word cards and put them in order.

*These digital math mysteries are FREE and for grades 1-4. Just click on the link or picture for other grade levels. 
*Don't like digital?! Check out the paper version or the Reindeer Mystery above!

I hope these holiday ideas will help make it easier for you in the last few weeks before winter break! Let the countdown begin!


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