Sunday, December 12, 2021

50% off Resources to Use Now and in the New Year!

Only 1 WEEK left?! Well, you may be going past the 17th, but we get out on Winter Break in just five shorts days! I wanted to highlight a lot of resources in this post for right now and in the New Year!

Here are some great resources if you find yourself wanting to do some FUN things this week! I am going to highlight FIVE of the top holiday resources for this week since I have FIVE days left. If you are moving onto the New Year, scroll down for Inferences and New Year!

These are BRAND NEW and your kids will love these winter ones. They are both digital AND printable for this week ahead!

This super fun activity can be used MANY ways. It can be a fun writing for a winter poem, a first person narrative, letter writing pretending the recipient is real/imagined, or a made-up story! Your students will love to create their character and then write about it!

You can choose this information digital escape room on Holidays Around the World OR a fun escape room helping Stan the Snowman find his way home! 

These are Digital OR Printable Math Mysteries so you choose what you may have time for! If you can't fit this in for this week, then make sure to scroll down to the New Year's Math Mystery!

5. Math Mystery: Free Resource Jogging Gingerbread Boy

This is in BOTH digital and print for multiple grade levels. This is NO PREP and you can see how your students like the math mysteries. The students like reading, solving, and knowing if their answer is correct with the self-correcting digital version. 

Think ahead for 2022 and the New Year with something that will be easy to come back to. Inference activities are easy to use and a skill you can reteach or introduce easily in the New Year. These are 50% off for 2 DAYS ONLY!

Check out inferences using pictures and short stories! Students can write their own after you model using the pictures. There are also clue cards to use during station time or with a partner. This is a great introduction to teach inferences. 

Don't have the time for printing?! Use the elearning option and have everything online! It's NO PREP and you can have students type in answers, play games to help them learn inferences, and match pictures to clue on their computer or device. 


Maybe you are already moving onto the New Year or your students have already done the other math mysteries. Check out ALL of the New Year's Products HERE! There is a New Year's Math Mystery,  and New Year Stationary for writing goals!

Want some FREE Resources to help teach inferences? Check out these fun ones below:

Hope some of these resources create a stress free week! Relax ~ You got this!


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