Sunday, January 23, 2022

Top Ten Digital Resources for Distance Learning

Happy January! It has been COLD this week! It is so hard right now with kids out sick, quarantining, and trying to keep up with who is home distance learning or eLearning. This week I wanted to highlight some things that are super easy for distance learning. Are these all the resources I have? NO. Are all of them going to be right for you? OF COURSE NOT! 

Everyone is at a different place right now and what works for me, may not work for you or your classroom. I am always trying to make things easier, so hopefully some of these may be what you need!

Here's my Top 10 (at least for this month) for Digital Learning:

Getting kids to write is hard, but this is SO easy and the students love it. I promise you your students will write with this and have fun doing it. They get to choose objects, scenes, and different characters. They will have a blast!

If you haven't had a chance to use this, I think you will find these are super easy to use. They are narrated for those learners that cannot read well or need extra support. I have several of these for different seasons. 

Use this digital version to get to know your classmates! Great for any time of year because things change for students or maybe you have new students added to your classroom. 

This is by far the best! Kids LOVE these word ladders. This bundle has them both paper and digital so you can use them for students no matter where they are!

Great for a research project at home or school. Students at home can work on this without being in the classroom, but still create a product like the rest of the class. 

Great for a social students activity learning about your location in the world! Students look at where they live and then at the bigger picture on the map in state and country. 

4. Mini Escape Rooms

I have some NEW mini rooms for February! Chinese New Year, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass! These are short reading passages about the topic or person with a video, facts, and a short puzzle at the end. These are great as a distance learning option if you need!

Everyone loves the print version of this, BUT the digital version may be what you need! You can always print the My First Journal and send it home with students. Lots of prompts and cues for young writers. 

These are longer than the mini versions above. This one has inferences, homophones, synonyms, and contractions in this escape. 

I do have escape rooms for other topics such as Immigration, Civil Rights, Oregon Trail, Parts of Speech and Earth Day! These are just a few! Usually you are solving 4-6 puzzles in these longer escapes. 

Great resource for this time of year as poetry begins! Doing the steps to Haiku on this eLearning lesson makes it do easy for students to do this from anywhere. It goes step by step and is a great beginning lesson for types of poetry. 

I hope this list gives you some ideas to use for your students and your digital classroom!


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