Monday, April 4, 2022

Digital Earth Day Activities

It's April! The weather is warming up here and flowers are starting to come up. April reminds me that Earth Day is around the corner. Caring for our Earth is so important and there are so many easy things we can do as citizens to help it. Educating others about the Earth is one way to help!

I am super excited to post my NEW Earth Day Digital  Mini Escapes on The Importance of Plants and The History of Earth Day, as well as some other resources for your classroom. 

Here are some great websites for your students to learn more about Earth Day what they can do to help the Earth every day! I love that these digital Earth Day resources are easy to use. 
Earth Day Digital Resources

  • Kids Discover: Has some great content about Conservation broken up into different areas such as, Landfills, Recycling, Habitat Reconstruction, and Sustainability. You may need to sign up for a free account to view some of the content (not affiliated or sponsored). 
  • Animal Conservation: Animal Conservation has Disney and National Geographic Explorers in these short one minute videos showing work being done with different animals. 
  • National Geographic Kids: I like this website because it breaks up the information into different areas. You may want to review each section before students read to make sure there is not TOO much text to be overwhelming. 

Earth Day Mini Digital Escapes

What makes a digital escape mini? In a mini escape, there is a focus on a shorter piece of text and only ONE lock to open. In these Earth Day-focused escapes, there is a non-fiction text, a short video, interesting facts, and a puzzle to solve with ONE lock. 

Benefits of a Mini Escape:
  • NO Prep: Just give students the link and then let them get to work!
  • Shorter text: Students can focus on one topic of information
  • Less time: Time is something you need, so these escapes can easily be completed in a class period or short amount of time. 
  • ONE lock: Having only one puzzle to solve also takes less time to complete. 
History of Earth Day Digital Escape

Earth Day Importance of Plants Digital Escape

Earth Day Digital Escape Room

If you have a longer class time or have time to break up this Escape Room, this one covers a lot of different topics. The Earth Day Digital Escape Room has FIVE different sections and locks. The non-fiction text covers the topics of:
  • History of Earth Day
  • Plants
  • Water
  • Recycling
  • Animals
Each section will have a reading comprehension non-fiction text, video, fun things to explore, and the clue to solve. I like to use this escape during Earth Day week and do a section per day. Doing one section per day allows me to have time for reflection and other things during our Language Arts or Science time. 

Earth Day Digital Escape Room

Here is a great preview of the Earth Day Digital Escape Room. 

I love some good FREEBIES, so I have made these writing prompts to go along with these activities. I like to use these during our writing station time, just use the prompt for journals, partner writing, or even assigning students to do the writing at home. It's up to you how you want to use these!
I do have these as an Easel Activity so they are ready to go for Digital Writing!

Earth Day Writing Prompts

Last, I also like this craft activity because it reaches all age levels! You can have younger students draw pictures with a word or two and older students write more content under the flaps. 

Earth Day Activity

Remember Earth Day is Every Day, so help our planet stay healthy!


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