Monday, July 12, 2021

Pencils and Paper and Read Alouds Oh My!

The countdown is on! School is inching closer and my to-do lists are getting longer! One thing I make sure I have on hand  before school starts are a lot of read-alouds for the first few weeks. Even if I don’t read them all, they are in my back pocket if we have some down time I didn’t anticipate, but really I am using them to teach life skill lessons those first few weeks of school (sneaky I know!)

Reading stamina will not be there for those younger kids coming off that summer break, so reading to them allows their brains to rest and for those big kids, just a break! 

Let’s face it, we are all going to need a 15-20 minute reset at some point! Think about pulling those read alouds out after recess, lunch, end of the day, or just as a mid-morning/afternoon break. 

Here are some read-alouds that are great for the start of school. Don’t worry about picking ones that are “new” to them. If they have already heard it they can be your experts. Remember the first few weeks are about building community, taking breaks, and enjoying a book just because. 


  • Show your class two titles and have them vote on which one they want to read. 

  • Make a digital form to have students nominate which read-alouds to read and choose them either at the start of school or keep an ongoing list throughout the year. 

  • Do a battle of the Back to School read alouds. You choose your top eight and then use this FREE battle sheet for them to track the favorites.

Reading a variety of books is also a good time to help get the kiddos started with a reading log. Since you will be reading the books together, you can walk them through the process. They can even rate the books with a star rating system. Click here to pick one up!


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